[RP] The <Order of the Lamb>

Who We Are IC:
The Order of the Lamb was founded following the passing of Father Valkynere Portsmouth and the subsequent dissolving of the Circle of the Lamb. The goals of the Order are as such:

  • To provide a professional and social network for practitioners of the dark arts.
  • To advance the study of magic as a whole.
  • To eliminate or suppress any misuses of the dark arts that threaten Azeroth or its free peoples.
  • To seek out and combat forces belonging to planes other than our own, should they threaten Azeroth or its free peoples.
  • To have really cool transmogs

Who We Are OOC:
We are a RP-focused guild driven by character-to-character interaction supported by the guild’s own storylines and activities. We are passionate about the lore and enjoy engaging in RP that allows us to work with magic and develop how our characters use it. We encourage quality RP and the maintaining of a positive relationship with the server and its player-base. This guild hopes to at last allow dark magic users to find a home with the like-minded without forcing them to join a cult or awkwardly position themselves as the black sheep in a military or other such guild.

Who Can Join
Anyone who has no conflict with the guild’s loose principles and is pursuant to the study of dark magic whether it be the fel, void/shadow, unholy, or whatever unique path the character has set upon (drust, blood, etc). It should be noted though that the guild is founded by and mostly consisting of warlocks. Typically so long as the character has some magical background and is not straight-up evil, they end up being a good fit with us. The guild itself recruits through RP and through IC written invitation delivered by courier.

WE ACCEPT PARTIAL MEMBERSHIP - should you be unable to leave your current guild, you may still be able to join the discord and the guild ICly as a partial member (you will still get invites to events and all guild content) under the rank of the “Outer Circle.” We allow this because it is our goal to connect RPers and would not want someone falling through the cracks.

If you are interested in this community hordeside, you may join as a member of the “Red Circle.” While the Order officially operates within the confines of the Grand Alliance, the existence of the Red Circle is kept as a closely guarded secret. Red Circle members will not be able to join the guild in-game, similarly to Outer Circle members. However, so far this has not been an obstacle.

Characters that harbor animosity towards the opposite faction are not intended to be discouraged from joining the Order.

Important Note
The Order will not pry into your character’s private activities, but it will not harbor a member should they become a major liability to the Order’s standing with the Alliance itself. This also means that practicing necromancy publicly or keeping a demon out in broad daylight may severely damage one’s standing with the order. However, the Order acknowledges the Slaughtered Lamb Catacombs as a demonic sanctuary and will protect the rights of any member to utilize the halls.

Finding Us
We’re called the Order of the Lamb. Context clues.
To get in contact, message: Wárdom, Daelin, Spellheist
To contact me reliably, add me on discord at Wardom#6607

Website (WIP) : https://orderofthelamb.shivtr.com/pages/positions
MG-wiki : https://moon-guard.fandom.com/wiki/Order_of_the_Lamb
Harpists Grimoire plug: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/the-harpists-grimoire-ic-book-now-in-trp3/57616


When your forums guild tag refuses to update

Hey guys and gals! An update from your friendly neighborhood Fel-slinger!

While this post has not seen much conversation, the guild itself has been getting tons of attention. Sometimes too much to keep up with! If you are one those who has approached us about joining but couldn’t get any follow-through RP, don’t be discouraged! Reach out to us again because I haven’t forgotten you!

I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to announce the completion of our website soon.

Highly recommend these guys, they’re a swell group.

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You guys still active?

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They’re still active as of about a week or so ago, my guild did an event with them. They’re good people.

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This sounds like a good fit for my alliance void elf warlock. He’s typically a loner studying the darker Magic’s of the word. Really great guild concept.

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Thanks! The guild is active and has been kicking off in RP! We would be happy to have you.

The Outer Circle keeps growing! Don’t feel shy if you are worried that joining the Order will conflict with your current guild.

This seems like an interesting group. I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile:


We definitely have some fun things planned for the upcoming updates! The Inner and Outer Circles are both still recruiting so make sure to reach out to us if you have a character in need of some fellow colleagues.

I have a void elf that’s been sitting on the sidelines because I couldnt figure out what to do with her, this sounds amazing!

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Get in touch! I would love to meet them!

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Hello. I’m sort of just Browsing Guilds again and seeing the Order of the Lamb makes me very Interested since my Main is a Warlock. I Just Recently Upgraded my computer so I lost everything in my TRP3 but I still remember my character(s) very clearly. While I am a long time Member of The Dwarven Vanguard (Up to Warbrand) I will say that they have been still kind of quite in terms of rp (even before the Holidays) and they have been lacking Sorcerer Officers which means it’s harder for me to get an officer for trials to advance even further

I did put an Application into the website. and if you need more Infomation fill free to ask

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I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to report about you guys on the Gnews tonight to see if I can’t help boost recruitment. I’ve heard great things!

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Don’t mind at all! Wish I had been online to watch : )

The Order would like to announce the opening of a third Circle. The Red Circle shall exist in secrecy and shall contain members of the Horde. Given that faction conflict appears to play a lessening role in the upcoming content and expansion, the Order will now be expanding its options for Cross-faction RP content.

If you are Horde and interested, please consider joining our community.

We have updated this post to reflect this addition as well as included some of our links.


I have a warlock that I have been spending a lot of time on (Not sure why she is not showing up in my character selection screen) and I am wondering if you are still active; and if so, at what days/times I can find you in-game?

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Hello! We are still active, absolutely! You can typically find me online in the evenings but since many of our members are in the Outer Circle it can be difficult to find us in-game if I am not around. I will likely be around tonight but if you can not seem to catch me please try adding me on discord!

If anyone has trouble finding us! Try sending a letter to Wárdom or Daelin, then we’ll find you!