Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts -- July 2023

I don’t see much “transparency” in these threads. I just see a number which means little to us when we still see bots everywhere in BGs. I’d also like to know what “evolution” you’ve made to your detection “methods” that still fail to detect bots which perform the exact same robotic actions on the same ground path, often stacked with other bots, in an infinite loop with no attempt to hide the behavior.


I hope the bots I’ve been leveling with in over 100 WSG games I’ve done this weekend got banned too.


This bot i reported over 100 times this weekend farming WSG. He has no gear, does nothing. Has been reported by NUMEROUS people.

These reports are a fallacy.


Blizzard should publish a list of all the characters who were banned. That would be fun.

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What this post should really say is

Total Bot WoW Account Signups in July 2023: 116921
Thank you!


You do this last night?
Cause my WSG weekend was full of them…

This number means nothing.

“Here is the breakdown” LOL

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Left that comment on June 9th

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I don’t think we have the same definition of transparency :frowning:
but thanks for not banning me for a name flag <3
Theres so much worse somehow flying under the radar and given the relaxed state of things on grobb of what I’ve seen be totes ok, its reaaaaallly hard to determine where the line is drawn. I just know - don’t pick anything trade marked hah.
Ok but seriously, how is a 1 liner transparency? Thanks for the big numba I guess.


Why, this gives information to botters on where they are mainly being compromised.

That’s not fair, this one at least doesn’t try to gaslight readers into thinking it’s purely classic accounts by plastering that all over and signing it with “-The Classic Team”.

So they learned something :wink:



116K is would be a decent part of the wrath log reporting population.

That is so many questions raised…

Just how bad is the exploitative behavior is one of them.

Being nice and leaving in EU…they removed about 25% of the game population off ironforge stats now.

Being mean…I take away EU. they took away about half of the US population that reports.

That implies…a crap ton of ‘bots’ and such lol.

Good job on doing the bare minimum.


Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions in July 2023: 116921

Good to see that Dragonflight/Retail has safeguards to detect cheating behavior. However, were any of these 116,921 account actions for infractions on the various WoW Classic servers?

It’s silly for a post in WotLK Classic Discussion to give a monthly Account Actions figure that equates to a third of the worldwide raiding population of Classic without going into any detail. This does not provide more transparency, nor does it even provide a breakdown.

Was this a coded post? Was this an employee’s way of letting us know that Classic servers are being completely ignored by bot detection? I would love to get Account Action numbers that only consider the game that I play. We have not gotten numbers like that in the four years that Classic has been out. Until then, I’m going to assume what I see in game is true, and that no action is being taken whatsoever on any Classic servers.


This simply shows that a lot of classic andys hate wow and are here to cry about everything.

Like this guy. Has no idea what the “bare minimum.” is but he hates blizzard and wants to cry about bots.

Kaivax: We banned 1,657,983,456,091,223,657,654,986 bots last month.

Shills: “OMG YES THX U BIZZKARD :heart: :fist: :heart: :fist: :heart: :fist: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


And yet every zone is still rampant with guildless ret paladin bots. But they must all be new accounts and totally impossible to detect, right?

Or the guildless DKs that ride a BLATANTLY SCRIPTED PATH between Thrallmar and the Hellfire dungeons, and back…or my favorite part, can even walk through the air from Ramps to BF. I never understood that one, how do they hack the client so bad to flyhack still after 20 years?

Like it’s great you may or may not actually be putting decent effort into this but…we don’t see it getting any better on our end.

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I played a Ragnarok Online server about 20 years ago that would post the video/input logs of an accused for the server to vet a ban. If it went through, login information, email signup, and all personal information was made available on the forums.

I get that Activision can’t do that, but I love how server owners like that had balls.

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These threads are just a giant middle finger to the playerbase. People log into the game and see the actual reality.


And yet… somehow… NONE of the sholazar farm bots on Old Blanchy have been banned.
They are still there 24/7.


There’s currently 8 people in Sholazar Basin on Old Blanchy Alliance. Three of them are not level 80 and four of them are in guilds with different names.

3 Druids
2 Hunters
1 Mage
1 Paladin
1 Rogue