The Bot Infestation is unreal

It’s WSG weekend, so naturally I decided to level a new character. This person who for a lack of better words is absolutely useless. Has been in over 80% of my WSG matches.

Finally, after over 100 warsong gulch matches. I got this bot to speak back to us.


He’s not even a bot, he just stands afk all match despite all the reports.
A guy randomly pushing buttons occasionally to avoid kick.

0 damage 0 healing 0 participation. During level after level worth of games.
Never. Got. Actioned.

What a joke.


Correction, he does jump, occasionally.

Sometime flag room bots are useful.

Rogues may rogue them first lol. They had a 50/50 chance and they picked the bot.

WSG was rough at times this weekend. Felt bad for one team. we get up in their room and 5 of them standing there. Yoink that flag and run!

Bots at least attack the enemy.

But not this leech in question.

Blizzard needs $15 so bad they don’t care who it hurts in the process


I hope this guy was included in that supposed ban wave that has been reported.

Update: He is still online and is inside WSG doing what he does best.


Hey blizzard. YOU’RE FULL OF $#@!$@#$@#$@#$@


The bots are unbelievable

Since I last posted i’ve done 4 WSG matches each one had the same bot. I can’t get away from this guy.

Mind you, every BG i’ve done in the lvl 50 bracket has been a loss having to fight DK twink sweatlords.

Doesn’t help that I have 1-2 bots every single match that do nothing, they don’t even fight back.

I have emailed video proof to blizzard and hundreds of people have reported these bots but yet they continue to be in every single WSG match I get into. The exact same ones.

They are now starting to reply when I tell others to report them. Saying they want us to lose, they hope we lose. etc.


Doesn’t look like a bot, just a guy sitting at his computer doing something else and jumping occasionally to avoid afking out.


the real WotLK experience is seeing 30 players in a cave jumping in AV. It’s why report AFK exists, it was that bad.

Seeing that he has heirloom pieces, it is most likely not a bot but a regular player trying to leech of others. Bots wouldn’t waste their time with heirlooms

Most likely he just has a second window up watching videos or maybe a second wow account that he tabs back and forth from

Regardless, this behavior is unacceptable and he deserves a ban from playing BG’s on that character


There’s a reason that AV offers an item called the “immovable object” :stuck_out_tongue:

I have yet to see it actually put someone on the boot timer, as I remember it used to work in retail.
This new report system is a meme.

There’s also a reason why people afk AV’s or just suicide into the enemy team in the 61-70 and 71-80 brackets.

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I think between me and about 200 other people i’ve come across since lvl 11 to lvl 61 on horde side has reported this guy. He’s probably still in BGs.

Blizzards report on bans is bullbutter

The WoW community:

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i can personally attest to if you afk farm enough bgs you can be banned - first ban is 8 days and second is 31 days - ask me how i know :slight_smile:

The key is to get twink massacres. at some point even the never say die cheerleader types go dudes…don’t even rez. maybe they will get the hint and run final flag(s).

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The key is to massacre the twinks

From lvl 11 to 61. 145 WSG matches with 97 wins.

I call this weekend Levelers : 1 — Twinks: SELL IT