Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts -- July 2023

Because we can’t call people out by name, I can’t say who they are, but um… 2 of those 3 druids are 100% bots. Write their names down, and check back tomorrow, I guarantee they will still be there. I just checked and they are there now.

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Okay, let’s say there’s two bots.

Bots don’t sleep, time of day doesn’t matter. You’re making this out to be like there’s a massive bot farm in Sholazar Basin on Old Blanchy across multiple threads and there’s… two bots.

1 cheater is 1 cheater too many, and generally SB is full of bots.
Sorry but botting is cheating, period.

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Yeah, but the world isn’t perfect.

So if there’s only two bots there right now, most have been banned?

So when is Classic getting the same treatment?

Looking pretty full to me.

They more likely just moving to Classic Era over them actually banning bots XD Need to get ready for HC.

You sure you got all the fly hackers even in Wotlk?

Joke of a company LOL.


Lol right… the amount of people i reported while leveling in sholazar when i was out there a few weeks ago… im sure they are still there flying around herbing

Old blanchy is a dead realm… come check faerlina and youll see staggering numbers

I like my dead horse realm. I came from bene and mega realms are just not my cup of tea.

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Keep up the good work!

Its just when you see blatant botting/cheating going on for so long, and nothing being done. And then they go on with these.

One of if not the worst was for the entirety of SOM Shadowstrike, there was a bot running 24/7 in DM. Not a lot, not 5 days a week. It was the entirety of Season of Mastery. Reported god knows how many times, even long after any playing was done. To where it was literally the only toon on the server. I know people who logged in to just make sure it was reported. And yet, until the server was taken down, it was still there.

Its just things like that that the player sees. Someone clearly set up a bot, and there it went completely unactioned for nearly a year and a half. I wonder if the script or whatever is still running, or if the person was just seeing how long, if ever it would take to kill it.


It is indeed hard to lie to people that have seen different. I mean I personally logged into the PVP fly hacking boosting bots, in Classic… Then i also check /who after and still full of bots XD

Like I said prior there’s still bots in WOTLK still even flying hacking in BT. There was still 11 Rogues when I checked yesterday.

If they can fly hack without being detected. Could just imagine what else they can do.


Examples like these just leads me closer to the belief that these bots are instituted by Blizzard themselves. The gold sellers as well. Or at least they’re getting their fair cut from the RMT transactions. That’s the only way to make all of this mess make any sense.


I’ll believe you only if the bots don’t infest everything again in a week.

They already are… we were plowing them down right, left, and sideways in WSG last night.

A Rogue bot in SoM got HWL by botting AV for months.

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I personally banned 69 bajillion accounts this week.

Source: Trust Me Bro

Yet, when I type /botanica I still see a wall of bots or when I go to Scholozar Basin I see bot trains fishing/herbing/mining everywhere…


When they put out these numbers, I just assume its something the automated system had with banning accounts shortly after creation with obvious fraud, or similar.

They’ve been putting out these figures for a bit now, and the results we see in game are worse each month.

How is it that I’m seeing the exact same hacking/exploits that I did 15 years ago. That is just…ridiculous and completely unacceptable to a customer; that I face that exact same frustrations in a product that has no excuse at this level of incompetency from its supplier and has as been said a spit in the face for lack of customer service and ACTUAL transparency


when you have no quest mobs up because FOUR ret paladin bots are zipping around the entire camp on rails

Great work though, keep it up. :roll_eyes:

Might need to confirm but I think some mage bots are farming obsidian sanctum with some fly hacks.

Can we please have more transparency on these figures?

Are they both for EU & NA/OCE regions?
Are these blanket bans covering ALL aspects of WoW (Classic Era, Wrath and Retail) or just Wrath Classic?

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