Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts

To provide more transparency on the actions that get taken against exploitative accounts, here is a breakdown on the number of actions that have been taken over the course of the last month:

Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions Last Month: 167799

All of these actions are for cheating or exploitation which are primarily permanent bans or 6-month suspensions. This number does not include separate actions like character name or in-game language violations. We will continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.

Thank you and we’ll see you in Azeroth.

-The WoW Classic Team


Those of us with the superpower called memory remember this happening in Classic back when it was actually new. Amazing how history keeps repeating.


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Given how sceptical some members of the community are, are you able to provide some more details on how those are caught?

X number of accounts were reported by community.
Y number of accounts were f lagged by warden.
Z number of accounts found to have been stolen, different IP, password etc. (aka found outside of game through different means)
Perhaps some additional metrics used to ID those exploitative accounts.
Any statiistics/numbers for actual gold buyers. Legit accounts. Legit players. But they were caught RMTing.

I’m asking because I’m genially curious.


Looking forward to the “I was wrongly banned” posts now. :joy:


More stats would be pretty cool.
How many of those are bots/rmt/hacks ?

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The desperation to make it sound like WOW token was a good thing by showing how many accounts you ban is kinda crazy.


First of all this is not even near enough detail compared to other major games that outline the work they do. Secondly this is insulting and disgusting considering you only start doing this now when the token is out so you can make more money as now gold sellers affect your bottom line. Honestly you should be ashamed.


That’s a lot of accounts!

:clap: BAN
:clap: THE
:clap: BUYERS
:clap: TOO


This is basically the exact info that FFXIV puts out.

“Number of accounts actioned” and “accounts actioned for RMT” isn’t much diffrerent than what’s here.

And their numbers are reported weekly.

Ban GDKP and the demand for buyers goes away.


Dead game gonna feel deader. 167799 is that 20% of user accounts or is it closer to 50% ?


Okay, but it doesn’t matter if you ban 168k cheaters per months, when they’re back online on another account the very next day. The fact that you have the capacity to ban 168k cheaters per month says that you aren’t doing enough to prevent it in the first place. ~168k new accounts every month is also a whole lot of revenue, huh?


You won’t see those posts because they’ll be removed for trolling and the poster will be suspended from the forums. I remember you posting in my thread which got removed for trolling only for me to be unbanned the next day “:joy:


It can be considered a lot of accounts, I’m just wondering how many of them were banned on any of the waves before this one


sure :roll_eyes:


If you guys are really banning this large number of accounts maybe it’s time to step back and look at why people buy gold and make it easier to achieve those things without gold. It really looks like a game design flaw with a number that high, but I guess that would cost Blizzard $2,516,985 (167799x$15) dollars in account subscriptions from those accounts.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Identify the buyers
  2. Identify what they are spending gold on
  3. Make it easier to obtain these items
  4. Less people buy gold

They specifically are saying it was for the month of May “Last month”.