Realm Connections -- August 27

Ursin-Eonar didn’t go through, that server was offline 4 hours and came back online unconnected.

if all the realms that are offline atm get connected without any more failures, we will have a 11/15 success rate from all the servers announced worldwide this week.

Malygos-Garona is taking time on that, its obvious this connection along with the Echsenkessel-Blackhand connection on EU is giving blizzard serious problems for some reason.

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I understand the need for these realm connections, but a full 8 hours for maintenance is kind of ridiculous. If it was just one this month, I wouldn’t be on here, but it’s the second time this month. Icecrown is, yet again, the last server to come back online (probably unsuccessful connection again). Do we do this every other week until we get it right? Do I get compensation for my lost game time? What if these Tuesdays are the only time I can play? Can I move to another realm that isn’t cursed? Thanks!

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it sucks. if the merge doesnt work this round just hood garona and malygos up with high pop servers and end this

Ahaha, non cursed realm, fun!

That aside, like I said earlier, BMAH has been connected on all of these realms with the exception of eonar-andorhal, now I also saw deep sea bags at different prices on eonar vs andorhal, plus janek’s confirmation we know for sure that connection failed, but garona-icecrown on paper worked since BMAH are linked, if you can give a look at the realm list, is garona marked as low?

If it’s at least medium the connection worked, and potentially your realm (icecrown) might show as having 0 characters for you even if it came back online, in which case go look for it, click on it, and then your chars should show up.

@Janek: indeed, mal’ganis eu, just like garona us, is becoming a joke, lots of issues connecting it.

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its marked as offline :smiley:

Ah, ok, hopefully the fact BMAH got connected is a good sign.

Did the others work properly, at least the linking act, eonar aside?

Ursin still has a server ID of 156, aka the server connection failed no ifs or buts.

others are successful yes, cant check if Garona’s ID is still 51 or not until the server comes back online though.

Ah, all right, so most went through but still they’re not on top of their problems.

Really liking that Icecrown is still offline. Coming back after a long day to see the comment from my guildies that most of the other realm connections have gone through but ours(?).

15:00 PDT what’s up ya’ll… quit Activisioning around over there.


its clear that some realms are giving them more problems than others especially the ones that they delay for weeks.

im just wondering though, they got 8 more weeks until the expansion launches after this week, if they do 15 a week thats 120 further servers connected and pretty close to the number I would expect them to eliminate… but even though there announcing 15 connections a week, they certainly aren’t achieving that count. wonder if they will be able to achieve it, I know the last server connection programme lasted until the week before WoD launched.

This week alone at least 4 server connections got called off and postponed or failed.

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They aren’t…that’s the point…just do this maintenance then. Half of the time the realm maintenance gets botched up for 1 or 2 additional hours anyway like this past week and then you’re stuck not able to play. Just shut the additional realms off for merger/additional maintenance/whatever then. Efficiency

Garona is forever cursed!

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When can we get an update on how much longer Icecrown/Malygos/Garona will be down?


Come on Bliz, all you do is apologizing for the inconvenience.

This is the third time for these three realms Garona-Icecrown-Malygos to fail to connect due to technical issues. Can we at least get back a few hours of game time for the inconvenience? Just a few?

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I guess you are not around on Tuesday mornings. The weekly maintenance is just a server restart. they are back up in 15 minutes.

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This is why they need to do this bs on Tuesday’s when they mess up the maintenance too

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that is today’s connection, not the Tuesday restart

The week they down for 5hrs…

there’s (almost) never any extended maintenance on Tuesdays unless they roll out a new patch, and Tuesday maintenance serves an entirely different purpose,

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