Realm Connections -- August 27

Inefficiency is the purpose. Blend it all together lol

oh well…what do I know tho

play fall guys?

The velen realm connection doesn’t seem done. Is that still being done?

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Yes, it’s true, I don’t know what gives some realms additional problems.

And I think your expectations about the number of mergers are very similar to mine, ending up more or less in halving the realm count on both regions.

And indeed, this week for example they didn’t even announce 15 connections, just 13 (if you just count eu and us), then they immediately delayed 2 and then there’s still the problems during the actual mergers, like eonar for sure and possibly more.

If a flight is delayed for more than 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours, an airline would pass out drinks or food coupon to compensate you.

If I don’t see Garona up in another one hour, I demand you feed me dinner tonight, Blizzard!!

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No, the velen connection failed since a while by now.

They will obviously try it again another week.

I count all 4 regions that blizzard runs in my statistics, they announced 1 connection in tw (those realms are currently offline) and 1 connection in Korea (which they put off until next week via forum post). all in all 15 connections worldwide were announced this week.

Ah, ok, I’m not informed about korea and tw, which is why I wasn’t counting them.

With 8 weeks missing at 5 successful connections per eu\us average like they’re doing, I doubt 40 connections overall will be enough to finish the program, and indeed, it took them a lot longer, like a year, for the first round of connections in mop.

Garona is up!! :smiley_cat:


thank god lol

What is it marked as? Low, medium?

you clearly haven’t flown Spirit before :rofl:

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the connection was successful, realm ID 104 now… (Garona would have been 51)

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Garona is marked as High :sweat_smile:

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damn I still don’t see it up on my account lol…must have booted me off the realm

Wow, nice, I bet namisan will be happy too, 3rd time’s the charm!

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search by the server name, the realm got copied so you might not see your chars until you log into the server with your client for the first time.


Yup had to restart my client for my characters to even show up on the realm too. Almost made a rage post lol

You bet! :grin: