RDF missing dungeons?

Small indy company. That is blizzard for yah.


Guys relax. it’s a new feature we haven’t seen before I’m sure they’ll get the kinks out once they have more information.


Did some testing over the weekend. Leveled a healer to 18, still 1 hour queues. Then leveled a tank to 15, queued with a healer. Sat in the queue for an hour before giving up.

Something is seriously wrong with RDF at low levels.


I’ve been in RDF queue for over 20 minutes as a tank at level 61. It seems off.

I don’t know if it’s randomly bugging out or if there aren’t that many people using it randomly at certain level ranges. Sometimes my queue was nearly instant in some level brackets and other times it’s super long.

If it’s not bugged and there just aren’t that many people using it at times, that would be another reason to adjust the level ranges of various dungeons. You also may want to make normal vanilla random queue still available for low 60s or something.

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This level bracket is notorious for having long queues for tanks because it’s the first dungeons that freshly made death knights can queue for. Try queuing as a healer and see if anything changes.

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Is anyone aware of a blue post on this issue? This is clearly broken and wondering if they are tracking it.

It not be an issue now, imo.

Tbc(c) had nax twinks boosting, yes. I’d say most have have moved on. hell at this point if they farmed 100% twink sett by now its time to realize it isn’t coming.

and now it be for free. So really a non issue for the few 60 naxx twinks left. The twink is making scholo/strath easier. Oh no!

Worst this would see is some like me who get the 60 pvp set on 60 ding. Not a big deal there either. The level 56 tank might just have to accept the 61 ret paladin off of pvp set stamina is competing for best HP bar lol.

Try solo dps for 1-3 min queues

Blizzard please address this.


they added the headless horsemen but not the rest of the dungeons?
blizz being a joke as usual lol.


I just hit 34 on my rogue and have the Library, Armory, and RFD all available

SM:library becomes avail when the boss is orange, then the last time you can visit it the boss is still orange, once you ding and it would be yellow, you can no longer join.


Super bump!

Im 73 Paladin and I’ve just rerolled from prot to holy and decided to farm some spell power items from UK.

But my RDF can’t go anymore to UK and don’t show up in specific dungeons lol


fix rdf blizz please.
kaivax? help? hello?


I’m pretty sure they fixed the level range, I was able to see a lot more available dungeons at level 59, including HF Ramparts.

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Blizzard bump you bump going bump to bump acknowledge bump this?


blizz please…


Blizzard please read the article linked above

and implement wider level ranges as soon as possible. My lowbies can’t even re-queue with people I just did a dungeon with often because one person levels out of the tiny insane range of the dungeon finder in its current implementation.

I believe the number ranges are actually already listed correctly in the game, but they don’t actually work correctly in practice. For example, at level 22, my priest can only get Blackfathom Deeps and Stocks.

According to the number ranges, at level 22 I should actually have access to all of the following dungeons:

Deadmines 15-25

Wailing Caverns 15-25

Shadowfang Keep 16-26

Blackfathom Deeps 19-29

Stormwind Stockades 20-30

Razorfen Kraul 22-32

You should also be able to group queue as long as everyone in the group has at least one dungeon overlapping in their level range.


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