WOTLK classic dungeon finder - dungeons missing in level range

Bump. Leveling my prot warrior exclusively through dungeons. I believe BRD opened up at lvl 50 and it’s still my only choice 4 levels later. I love BRD but some variety would be nice.


Thank you for your reports.

We’ve been examining this issue for the last two weeks, and we will continue to look into it whenever we receive new detailed information on it.

We’ve not yet found anything to fix, but we may, and we appreciate details from you.

As always, the more you can tell us (character name and level and realm, time and date you were playing, names and levels of the other members of your party), the closer we can get to understanding it.

I have a 69 priest that can only queue for Utgarde Keep, which is listed as a 68-80 dungeon. My slightly higher level toons have Nexus, saying it’s 69-80. My 69 priest cannot. Also, despite both of these and others saying they go up to 80 (on Normal difficulty), none of my 80s can see them as queuable.


what! smh. Don’t you have the original 3.3.5 client to check what dungeons should be available at what level in rdf?

You should be able to queue for dungeons when you meet the min level to enter them


I don’t know when the pre requisite quest chain for Old hillsbrad foothills and black morass were removed but I could not queue for them in rdf they showed as locked and not eligible

edit again to add that brd upper city needs a key or rogue with high level lockpicking to complete. this door should be unlocked.


C’mon, now. You’re being intentionally obtuse. Just tell us it is working as intended and we’ll move on.


I hope you’ve read through this thread as well:

I explained what’s wrong in a post earlier as an example on my priest:

I believe the number ranges are actually already listed correctly in the game, but they don’t actually work correctly in practice. For example, at level 22, my priest can only get Blackfathom Deeps and Stocks.

According to the number ranges, at level 22 I should actually have access to all of the following dungeons:

Deadmines 15-25

Wailing Caverns 15-25

Shadowfang Keep 16-26

Blackfathom Deeps 19-29

Stormwind Stockades 20-30

Razorfen Kraul 22-32

You should also be able to group queue as long as everyone in the group has at least one dungeon overlapping in their level range.

We are losing access to dungeons while still in the range for those dungeons and it won’t let us queue with a group unless the entire group is in a very very tiny level range.

This extremely narrow level range also I suspect makes queue times much longer as you need a full group of 5 people from a very small level range. You often can’t even re-queue with the same random group you just got into because one person will level out of the range for the 1-3ish dungeons you have access to at that level range.

This article from 2010 shows min and max level ranges for dungeons and I believe those are already shown in game in the dungeon finder as well, but the actual level range we have access to the dungeons is dramatically more narrow than the level ranges listed for each dungeon:

I’ll also add that if this was actually how it worked in Wrath, you should change it because it doesn’t work well for leveling players.

edit: here’s an example looking at the specific dungeon list I have at level 24:

According to level ranges, I should actually have:

Deadmines 15-25
Wailing Caverns 15-25
Shadowfang Keep 16-26
Blackfathom Deeps 19-29
Stormwind Stockades 20-30
Razorfen Kraul 22-32
Gnomeregan 23-33

Having access to only 3 dungeons instead of 7 makes it harder for the RDF to find me a group and makes everyone’s queues take longer when leveling.

It seems the system only gives you access to yellow dungeons when the full range of green and orange would make the queues faster when leveling. Maybe the system should be changed to prefer yellow dungeons first, but if it can’t find a group, expand out to green and orange as well?

and one more edit: just to make sure it was clear, I’m queuing for randoms, I just showed the specific list to show how limited the range was. At times my priest has a 20-30+ minute queue in the 20s, other times just a few minutes depending on if I log in and try when other people in my tiny dungeon range happen to be playing or not I guess.


It seems that any low level dungeon is only queueable as a “specific dungeon” from within the level range that you can get it as a random dungeon.

Wait, did you seriously delete the numerous other posts about this issue that people had been bumping and then say you’ve known about it since RDF launch?! And you may or may not fix it?

Look I came back to do dungeons specifically but this is game breaking for me. I’m afraid to quest while I’m in RDF queue and I’m close to dinging because I dont want to lvl out of the random range I’ve been placed in. I end up in Undercity for over an hour on a full server waiting on the queue which, someone rightly said, is probably impacted by the narrowness this bug imposes.

I don’t have an 80 to enjoy and I’m not enjoying THIS. I’m so disappointed, but then really why did I leave in the first place?


Paraguariens, all lvls up to 38, Arugal, started since unlocking RDF and persists. I typically solo queue using RDF.

Lvl ranges of available dungeons in RDF are narrow and seem skewed towards the higher lvl of what its range should be. Current example, as a lvl 38 I can only queue for SM Cath or Uldaman. At the very least, as a temporary fix, a realistic labeling of the level range would be appreciated so I can plan my dings better.


I mean just log onto any 15-79 character and the issue is EXTREMELY obvious. As a level 16, I literally could not queue for a dungeon with my level 17 friend because he was somehow already out of RFC range and I still couldn’t queue for WC/DM. That is a ONE level difference! I think that is pretty obviously not intended. I actually cannot believe this Blizz response lmao


That happened to me and a friend last night. I was 61 trying to queue for Ramparts for the quest. He had just come out of Ramparts and hit 62. He could not queue with me because it said he was too high of level.


I don’t think this is as much of a “Fix” as it is an adjustment that would be great. While leveling as lowbies for example, RFC is available at 15 but if you’re playing in a group setting and someone is above level 18, you cannot queue for the random dungeon finder together as it has a different dungeon pool for each player. I don’t think it’s broken in so much as it may be worth looking at what pools are available in the LFD tool and adjusting them to hit the level bracket FULLY.

gathered all quest for Deadmines, hit lvl 21 and its not availiable anymore. then gathered quest for Stockaids, hit 26 and its not there.
“We’ve not yet found anything to fix” is not acceptable.


Character name: Healaga
Realm: Benediction

Wailing Caverns and Deadmines both have a level range of level 15 to level 25 as stated by the RDF UI when looking at “specific dungeons” for reference. However, when your character is level 21 or higher, you are no longer allowed into Wailing Caverns and Deadmines through RDF via random queue and via specific queue.

The two dungeons above are two examples of all dungeons in the RDF queue that appear to have smaller allowed level ranges than the actual stated level ranges in the RDF window.


This is pretty unacceptable. It makes it an extremely poor experience for leveling with buddies and wanting to do dungeons.

If we out level each other, even by 1 level ,we no longer can queue groups together.

We have to turn off xp if we even want to run a dungeon multiple times with how fast we level now.


I am level 25, I should be able to queue for seven(7) dungeons, but it only shows the two(2) highest level “specific dungeons” to select to queue for. Missing are:
Deadmines 15-25
Wailing Caverns 15-25
Shadowfang Keep 16-26
Blackfathom Deeps 19-29
Stormwind Stockades 20-30
And available are only:
Razorfen Kraul 22-32
Gnomeregan 23-33

Please help!


Exact same problem. I was so disappointed when I reached Level 25 and they had disappeared!!! WotLK dungeons are a total fail. By the time you collect the dungeon quests from open world, you can’t queue for the dungeon anymore.


Alright, here’s an even more absurd example.

At level 27 I had two dungeons, Gnomer and RFK. Gnomer quests at this level are yellow, orange and RED.

At level 28 I lost RFK and have Gnomer only.

At level 29 you lose Gnomer and only have SM: GY despite the quests for Gnomer still ranging from yellow to RED!!!

At 29 I should actually have

BFD 19-29
Stocks 20-30
RFK 22-32
Gnomer 23-33
SM:GY 27-37



I’m actually so angry about this, me and a friend have been leveling from 1 to 80 and we are having extreme difficulty queuing together, if either of us are 2 or more levels apart we can’t que in the same dungeon at times.



Any chance you guys can turn off the segregation between OCE and NA servers? Outside of Gamma queues its absolutely dead to queue on Oce at any time during the day. Healer queue at 70 for example will wait for 2 dps for over 30 minutes and never pop, meanwhile if I were to play a 70 DPS on NA I’d get a dungeon pop at any time of the day in under 5 minutes. Even HHM queues are taking way longer than they should. I can live with getting Utgarde keep constantly over Nexus if I can actually get queue pops without spending $127 AUD to fix my mistake and move my characters back to NA.