RDF missing dungeons?

The dungeons are there but its like you have a 2 level window to actually do it before it disappears from RDF. They definitely broke the level brackets for the queueing.


I think they picked really narrow and poor dungeon level ranges. At 23 I only see BFD and Stocks, but just a level or 2 ago I also had SFK. I can’t queue for Deadmines even specifically even though I have quests for it in my log that are still yellow.

edit: also didn’t get a satchel when I finished BFD


It be nice but…keep on dreaming.

Now the devs are going…crap, anti boost we put in on our anti-rdf campaign is biting us in the butt. Boosters were evil! Not really.

Some nights boosters were the only ones ready willing and able to run some of this old stuff. Wait up to an hour or pay the booster 25 gold for stocks.

A tbcc main could make that 25 gold faster than the wait time for stocks. Hence why boosting took off.

Pull the boost code or give it a liberal +15 if not 20 level range…and it opens up more.

At this point the world will not end if in rfc if the level 35 is in there tearing it up for the 15’s.

There is nothing to be learned in RFC besides…don’t stand in lava. That is not even level dependent. its not even on a boss. its in a walkway lol.

If the last boss in the dungeon is green to the player (+8), the dungeon should show in their RDF list.


yeah it’s really annoying to not be able to queue for a dungeon that you have yellow and orange quests for and you probably won’t find a group because people will just be using RDF instead. this needs fixing.


You can see just how buggy it is if you group with someone lower level than you. My mage is 24. My friend is 20.

We can’t queue for a single dungeon together even though 4 of them show a range we fit in on the specific queue option and 3 on the random option. It’s awful. I hope they actually fix rdf soon.


I came to post the same thing, Its making dungeon queues take longer because you need a group the exact level, I’ve tried making groups but no one wants to run / wait for summons.


Having same issues. I reported it here as well.


A blue post would be nice…. On My 69 twinks I can’t Q for anything….

WOTLK dungeon - “you may not Q for this”
BC dungeon - “you may not Q for this”


Jk, I exited client and relogged. I can Q WOTLK now…. But still no BC. The LFG bulletin board that we had before, the level windows were just fine for the dungeons

What’s even more annoying is that you can’t queue for a specific dungeon if they aren’t in your random dungeon pool.

My level 36 mage has been sitting in the queue for a SM Library group since I was able to get the quest at level 31. 8+ hours in dungeon finder and never found a group. Now I’m level 36 I can’t even queue for SM library any more. Even though the end boss is only 2 levels lower than me.


my level 70 doesn’t have Nexus available ,what level do you have to be to do Reg Nex now ? from the starting area to get the quest takes you from 68 to 70.

Edit ,I finally was offered Nex at 71.


Seems lowbie dungeons have a lot of issues. I never got satchels in BFD even when doing all bosses, never got an Uldaman satchel either even in a run where people would actually do all the bosses.

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needs fixed, barely usable at lower lvls

blue post??


It is missing dungeons at certain levels. Right now my 33 Druid can only queue for SM: Library, but I should be able to queue for Gnomeregan, SM: Graveyard, Razorfen Downs, and SM: Armory.

Here’s a list of all the dungeons and their accessible levels via the dungeon finder during 3.3.5, dated August 16, 2010:


This is a great find. Not returning until this is fixed. It was the only reason to play.


Yeah, how hard would it have been to implement this correctly? With any amount of proper testing, this should have been caught before implemented.


When you first get Sunken Temple available, you’re too low of a level to accept and turn in the essence of eranikus quest, which is especially annoying since you had to do the Sunken Temple to get it. It requires level 48, but it had me do it at 47.


Yes and same. My 15 druid can only do ragefire chasm. My 15 hunter can do deadmines, and ragefire caverns. What gives.

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Tfw private servers can get rdf correct but not blizz lol