Rated PvP Seasonal Mount Adjustment

With a hotfix that was applied a few minutes ago:

  • The rating requirement to earn progress for the Vicious War Spider rated PvP seasonal mount has been lowered to 1000 (was 1400).

As a reminder, you can check your progress toward earning your Spider mount in-game by opening the PvP window (default hotkey = “h”) and selecting the ‘Rated’ tab on the left.


Does this also apply if one has already earned the Vicious War Spider and is instead progressing towards a Vicious Saddle?


Does this also apply to earning a saddle, the bar that comes up after obtaining the spider?


LMAO… now the sub 1400 players are finally going to be able to compete against the 220+ geared players they have to fight!


Should be retroactive?


Is this retro active?


Me first lol

Finally an important pvp change everyone was expecting… thank you blizz for always working on the community’s feedback

Good change considering the Vicious mounts are typically the carrot for lower-end players to chase. It made little sense to require 1400 (as low as it is) to even begin making progress.

But, uh, you’re aware there are some MAJOR problems with the ladder right now, right? I’m not entirely sure a mid-season attempt to entice low skilled/undergeared players to suddenly queue is a good idea unless you want to deter even more people from ever PvPing again.


RETRO ACTIVE ACCOUNTWIDE?? should get % from every win between 1000-1400 on each character added to the % whether thats enough for 2+ extra saddles ect… come on blizzard you used to be cool to the players, retroactive can double your brownie points!


That’s great but not everyone is chasing mounts.


this better be retroactive… and count towards saddles if so I shall be expecting my extra saddles in the mail this week

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Do something about the rampant boosting.


Could you clarify whether this is specifically only for this current season Vicious War Spider, or will this apply to every season coming afterwards and Vicious Saddle progress?

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Not retro based on my current saddle percentage remaining unchanged after re-logging my toon with all of this season’s wins.

okay so stop with this fing BS of giving the best mounts for glad pvpers complete BS that the FREAKING MAW DRAGON MOUNT IS ONLY for GLADS AND THERES NO UNARMORED VERSION FOR OTHER CONTENT THEY STARTED THIS BS IN BFA with the new proto drakes

no mounts for glad just title or if mount MAKE SURE PLAYERS WHO CANT DUMP 10 grand for a carry in pvp can get the UNARMORED VERSION OF THE MOUNT


i guess its true what the naysayers say to never put much faith in them nowadays :frowning:

^ this
glad mounts should never be mounts that you cannot get with any other type of content unless the only difference is armor also 2400 in ANY form of pvp or even M+ should give the maw dragon not just 3v3…
maybe if there was less limited stuff that you can no longer obtain in your lifetime, there would be less ppl giving up and unsubbing
but oh well, any of you who can no longer get something because it was limited time just wait for wow classic: shadowlands in several years and try again

class sets and horde motorcycle in MOP
WoD weapon sets
Legion mage tower sets
BFA glad only dragon mount
shadowlands ICONIC maw dragon glad only mount (can only get by being pro or hiring someone to carry you, really doubt even half the ppl buying carries are paying with gold only thats such a joke to believe

Neato but I feel like unchaining player power from rating would be a better change.


if pvp is truely about pvp and the players skills everyone should scale to a same ilvl no matter how high they ilvl is and there should be no advantages in stats ilvl ect should purely only be skill based not gear based gear base is for pve