Queues are ridiculous

“I’m being punished in the form of the predictable outcome from my choices. Someone else is responsible, and they should spend time and money to accommodate my mistake.”


unfortunately those were your the choices you made. I transferred to. I took the free transfer that they offered. You could have done that. You justify your move by saying you played it safe. Except you ignore that fact that there were free transfers and if things got bad again, you would have been able to take another free transfer.

i feel your anger though. I did go to grob. and same thing here. 2.5 - 3 hours que. it is a joke.

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Hilarious to see all the whiteknights parroting “player created problem” and hopping from thread to thread while reading nothing.


That’s where my Alliance are, too! It was a great realm during WoW Classic.

Anyway, I rolled Fresh, and am enjoying myself. If things fall apart, I’ll transfer off if they allow it.

What if Fresh servers become dead or as imbalanced as Whitemane, and they don’t allow transfers?

In my case, I’d just roll elsewhere, but some would prefer to complain. IDK which is better, but it’s a very different worldview, it seems. I suppose it’s the glass half-full vs the glass half-empty.


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Please explain how players are supposed to know that one “full” server legit has no queue, and another full server is 1+ hour.


Hey bud, I see you’re over here in another thread spouting nonsense.

We appreciate that has worked for you, and you like leveling, but not everyone else wants to level a new character to play with other people and/or their friends. Maybe this is just a very different world view, where we all like to do different things with our time? That’s probably something we should all respect instead of trying to tell people how they want to play a video game is incorrect. From my world view that makes you really weird, maybe that’s just a glass half empty thing though.

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love it , people were making fun of mankrik and pagle and scared them to mega servers . ha here you have it, i member

The solution to realm overcrowding and dying realms is cross realm grouping for all content so that no one feels pressured to stack all on one server for the perks of having people to play with…

But the classic community flatly rejects that fix, so they deal with the consequences of it…


Citation needed.

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I managed to log in once during my lunch break just long enough to spend the honor I had saved. I haven’t actually been able to log in and actually play a single time since prepatch though. I get a pretty limited 3-4 hours some nights to play and the queue is 3 hours long. About to just unsubscribe honestly. I don’t want to leave the only RPPVP server there is. I started in classic on deviate delight and played there until it died in tbc, then switched to Grobbulus so I could stay RPPVP.

I just want to be able to play but it’s become impossible and I’m literally paying a subscription for nothing at this point in time. Will probably come back in a few months


Then new people complain they can’t play with their friends. FFXIV had caps on some servers for ages. Was gona stop playing as I couldn’t play with friends and I wasn’t going to ask them to abandon 1000s of hours worth of stuff just to play with me. I was fortunate that I apparently hit a bug when their servers were overloaded and managed to make a character on the server anyway.

You’d also have to clear out old toons, otherwise you’d have servers that are capped but have few people playing. Then when those old people come back 2-3 years later, just find that they’re been booted off the server they were on and might not be able to play with old friends that might of been more active. Then you’d have complaints that people can’t play with the friends they’ve already made because they’ve been booted off the server. Then people complain Blizzard doesn’t care, they’ve been removed from their friends.

Unless you allow people to be able to transfer back to servers but then you’d still have the issue of the older servers being way too big. Out of the MMO I’ve played (WoW, FFXIV, GW2 and PS2) they all suffer from lag given a large enough amount of people. GW2 tends to happen in the 50-60+ range, PS2 had issues in the 60+ range. I had issues with FFXIV when the expac first dropped, and thats another sub-based MMO where you had 2-3 hour ques. Its never good, but WoW isn’t the only one that has really long ques on big servers when a patch drops

No solution is foolproof, they’ll all have problems.

I posted a video about this on my YouTube channel:

Blizzard already responded to this by restricting transfers to and opening free transfers from Benediction. While I could easily be wrong, I don’t see any further solutions on the horizon.

So your options are either to transfer to Sulfuras and accept being faction minority in the short term and possibly much longer
Or wait it out on Benediction with the understanding that queues will eventually disappear as launch hype fades and other guilds utilize the free transfer.

It may also help to coordinate with other guilds because there are probably tons of alliance willing to transfer if the factions are more balanced.

All these server destroying mass exoduses were seeded by this kind of coordination.

I’m assuming you’re not okay with paying to choose your destination. I certainly wouldn’t be in your position.

Anyway, good luck. If there existed a perfect solution, I wouldn’t waste your time with these suboptimal ones.


While I think you’re probably right and we won’t see any further solutions, they could open up a new temporary server that allows people from full realms with queue times to freely transfer to them and back to their full realms without restriction for say the next month or so, or however long queues remain an issue.


Oh he does not care.

He appeals to authority as his last line of defense. The authority(blizzard) states something without any evidence to back it up, and rides it to death. When you question the blanket statement and want futher elaboration of proof to back up the statement as just seeing blue text should not be enough for anyone to accept it as pure fact, his response is somewhere along the lines of “You don’t work at blizzard so you are not obligated to know that information”.

Brainlet bLoomsday at it again.

If you guys are really interested, I work in distributed cloud computing daily.

Most companies don’t manage their own servers, but rent server space from a service like Google Cloud Services, or Amazon Web Services.
They can scale up the machine type for the server they want to rent, meaning add more memory to it, but this typically only goes so far, because of a common principle in modern computing: scale out > scale up. It’s cheaper and more efficient to distribute server load across many cheap machines than it is to use a single very high memory machine to handle all the server operations in memory.

Now, the part that nobody but Blizzard devs are actually privy to is how their server operations are written, but here’s what makes most sense to me given the server features they currently support — specifically layers:

In a distributed system there is (often) a single machine called the namenode, which distributes information to the other machines, called worker nodes. The worker nodes process that information given a set of instructions (code) and then send that processed info back to the namenode, which keeps track of the states and information across all the worker nodes.

Worker nodes machine types are typically either standard (120 GB) or highmem (208 GB), and are given 4, 8, 16, or 32 (very rarely) virtual cores.

I expect that for a given server, the layers are distributed across worker nodes individually, and the number of worker nodes is dynamically scaled depending on server load, but it’s CAPPED at a certain number of layers, and for good reason: certain server operations are not and can not be layered. Those operations are the Auction House and Mailbox.

The Auction House and Mailbox need to be kept in parity across layers at all times, and players on all layers are interacting with the same Auction House and Mailbox simultaneously. Remember that the namenode needs to keep track of the state and info of all the worker nodes in real time. This means that servers are bottlenecked by the operational load of that one machine, and like I mentioned before, the highest amount of memory you can provision for one machine is 208 GB with 32 vCPu.

This probably isn’t the full picture, but I hope this represents a more thorough explanation as to the reason that “throw more money/memory at it” is not always, or even often, a solution to server load.


if if wanted to be cynical i would say just log in and find out which one is which
then again blizz should just label servers with a Q as LOCKED

As someone else said, the solution here is cross server play. If people could transfer to places like Sulfuras or Old Blanchy and not be on dead realms in three months, then they’d do it.

But cross realm isn’t the classic experience. Queues are.


blizzard legit does not care about this problem. we should discuss an organized move to sulfuras


This makes sense. Especially when you consider that, on these huge mega servers, the mailbox and the AH is where you start to see lag. Especially the AH.

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