Queues are ridiculous

It’s 3 P.M. on a Friday. Still a couple hours from primetime. And I’m in a 9,000, 3-hour queue to logon to play your game.

Yeah, I’m on Benediction. Flame me all you want. Here’s the simple truth:

My guild and I started on Blaumeux. We went through all the rough times of being vastly outnumbered for most of Classic, but whatever, we put up a good fight. Come TBC, the server straight up died. We were one of the last big guilds to remain on the server.

We decided to transfer to Whitemane at the start of TBC. It had a very healthy population, and a nice balance between Horde and Alliance. A couple months into SSC/TK, there was a mass Alliance exodus, and the server (for Alliance) died. Once again, we were one of the last big guilds to transfer.

My guild was faced again with what to do. We wanted to go to Grobbulus, since it had a healthy population and an even faction balance, but the simple truth was that if we had to transfer a third time, the guild would probably be over. With 120 active players (and most having 1-7 alts) it costed us close to $8,000 per server transfer in total. For that reason, we decided to play it as safe as possible, and did what we had to do, transfer to Benediction.

Now, once again, we can’t play the game.

Anyway, I’m pissed off. It’s almost impossible for us to coordinate raids because most people work, and can’t just login 7 hours before raid to avoid a Q.

Blizzard, I don’t know what the answer is, but I’m also not a multi-billion corporation who has staff dedicated and paid to find a solution to these issues.

Figure something out. This is insane.


yeah you obviously didnt read this because OP is an adult who actually has a life and just wants to play the game and can’t. This is not league of legends. Go be toxic somewhere else.


You wanted megaservers…you got mega servers.


While I understand the frustration, without Blizzard updating their infrastructure, you guys won’t be playing very much at least until after the first month of wrath drop. :frowning:


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I think you replied to my comment prior to me editing it.

The comment in which you replied to now says something entirely different. I admit I didn’t read the entire post before I commented. Once I did, I changed the entirety of my comment.


I have a lot of respect for this comment.


Imagine starting on benediction and watching our beloved server become a cesspool of toxicity and immaturity. It sucks. Guild recognition isn’t a thing anymore since there are a billion guilds. I swear i see new guilds i’ve never seen before every single day. I blame blizzard for allowing this to happen when they could have implemented server caps. I don’t blame people for wanting to come to a populated server. Who wouldn’t want to do that when their server is dying. I would have done the same. But I’m really pissed at Blizzard for allowing this to happen over literally months and months. This wasn’t an overnight thing, they knew what was going on and did NOTHING.


How should Blizzard update their infrastructure? What is their infrastructure currently and what should they upgrade to?

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Take the bait. Take that free xfer off… land on a realm that will be dead in 3-4 months… and then pay them to transfer back…

Top it off with stripping the cross realm stuff off like RDF…

Yeah… you cant make up this stuff anymore. Remember when you thought these guys were the gold standard in gaming?


Upgrade them to better servers with more capacity.

Hamsters on Wheels.



remember when they themselves touted blizzard quality. I remember seeing that “slogan” all of the time. If something wasn’t up to their standards they would announce that it wasn’t up to their quality standards. Now it’s dead silence. Blizzard quality just isn’t there anymore.


What servers should they upgrade to?


What server out there is better?

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Servers with higher capacity.

Seems pretty easy to understand.

The servers with more capacity.


Imagine having 7,000 posts of trolling. Yikes. It’s quite pathetic.


Which servers have higher capacities?

Not a citation. Do you have one or not?

Which ones have more capacity?

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The servers blizzard isnt using.

A citation for which hamsters they use? Idk you need to ask Bobby.

The servers Blizzard isnt using.


Which is what? What are they called?

So you made it up then, yes?

And those are called what?


I don’t know what to say lol. Like, transferring to the largest pop server brings the biggest risk of queues when there is a major content drop.

You “playing it safe” is just keeping you safe from the server dying off but at the expense of queues. Should have taken a better destination option if you’re going to squawk at queues.

If people stopped doomsaying and didn’t think they needed a mega server to play he game even though they’re not likely to communicate with 99% of the server you wouldn’t have to deal with queues. You can find groups and raids easily on small 3k pop servers and you don’t have any queues at all.

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