Queues are ridiculous

It must be because they are hiring more employees from: UX/UI, digital inclusion, instead of maturing their infrastructure and hiring QAs and SREs employees. lol :rofl:

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Wont be an issue with TeamViewer and running a botter in a VM (undetectable)

You of all people know not to eat Bloomsday troll bait.

A couple of programmers with zero capitol hosted a server of 13K+ players at peak times.

Yet Blizzard can’t scale their servers.



Without employees looooooooool

A team with 5 Indians would make this server perform more.
Blizzard development team is a joke


Faerlina got an hour queue. 3.8k.
Yikes. Still not as bad as XIV’s 3-6 hour queues
then getting knocked out with errors with no grace period lmao.

Grob was over 7k. The pain is real.

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Because if you wanna level or do heroics or do raids on alts or pvp or premades or really anything at all that requires an active server and not just a hundred or so people (literally, the design of the game) then you need to be on a higher populated server.

Yeah, as one of the last guilds on Blaumeux and Whitemane we were able to do our core raids each week. It didn’t change the fact that the AH was dead and if you wanted to do literally any other activity you couldn’t. An MMO is designed for a large player base. Disregarding that is kind of foolish

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Player created problem.


What people consider dead is obviously different that others. If 9k people are que and they all hop to one server that’s far from dead?? It would be above the entire server of whitemane and just below firemaw.

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That may be so, but read again the OP. What’s my solution here?

  1. Pick a dead server that we aren’t able to play the game as it’s meant to be played (an MMO).

  2. Pick a medium, balanced server in the hopes it maintains (we did that - Whitemane - it died, and again, it’s literally thousands of dollars for us to transfer if this happens).

  3. Pick a populated server (now it’s almost impossible to play the game unless you are unemployed or work from home, and it’s only going to get worse once Wotlk actually releases).

Idk man. I understand players gravitate towards one way. We exhausted a bunch of ideas and options before we transferred and before we decided where to transfer.

I also believe it’s up to the designer to figure out a way to counter-balance and solve issues that make it so you literally can’t play the game. Idk. Maybe I’m a crazy person. Maybe Blizzard is just lazy. Who knows.


my friends came back for wrath and got a free transfer from the server we started on (stalagg…dead at or before tbc) They went to mankrik to play with some other rl buddies, and myself and my girlfriend was going to character transfer there to join them all. during a queue the other day we seen that there were free transfers off faerlina(me and my girlfriends current realm) but unfortunately only to old blanchy or sulfuras…yea right! XD so we went ahead and tried to do a paid transfer. Unfortunately for us there are no transfers allowed to Mankrik right now with a server pop around 8k. so we are stuck on faerlina with a pop of 20kish and not bein able to play with our friends >.<


Server balance is not created by constant server transfers. Better integration of existing servers is the solution. Server transfers tend to turn balanced servers into unbalanced ones.

5 1/2 hour Q tonight… guess ill cancel my sub since i cant even play on the server i want to


30 min ques for skyfury are why there should have been more fresh start realms.

already canceled mine. Why pay when I cant even log on to my character and play with my friends


But that’s not his job. Literally nowhere in his job description does it say he’s required to know what brands of servers they use, how they’re configured or what other hardware they’re interfacing with to host any versions of WoW. That person’s actual job (although it won’t specifically say this in the job description either - at least not in these words) is to placate customers. To listen ( or pretend to listen) and promise to communicate with people who can do something.

Out of all the people employed by blizzard, the only ones who need to know what servers they use are the person who approved their purchase and the team that does maintenance on them. It’s possible that some of the team that writes software might need to know, but mostly they need to know the capabilities, operating system, etc.

You’re trying to argue that a CSR at target is going to know the make, model and year of the truck that delivers the underwear I buy. It is totally absurd. Just like everything else you waste time typing.

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It’s hard no doubt. If it were me, i would have chosen a mega server ( I am on one, just not benediction) and deal with the queues. Yeah, I can’t play like I want to, but it’s better than being on a dead realm.

Bloom getting a beatdown in this thread.