Queues are ridiculous

I read it all.

No where on their does it say support staff or GMs are well versed in Blizzards infrastructure or servers.

Maybe you should try reading it?

You literally linked your source and it didnt back up anything you claimed.

Time for you to concede maybe?

You usually get away trolling people but beating you was rather easy…

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Before we get to whether they’re lying or not, you have to prove that they are running on 2012 servers. Which you’ve yet to do, likely because there’s no evidence to suggest this is anything more than complete conspiracy.

Are you sure? You must’ve missed “including but not limited to”. What that means is that list is not exhaustive. Does that clear it up for you?

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Clown probably opens up Facebook messages saying he’s won an island on Paradise Island and 500k in bonds.

Literally brain-dead and believes anything he’s told / sees / hears

I can prove it based off of years of school, multiple certifications, and working on servers whom of which over 100k people access daily.

A democrat?

So youre assuming it means they are educated and up to date on blizzards servers?

Im going to need more evidence than your assumption tho.

I thought you were good at trolling…you changed

You can’t even prove any of that is true, let alone that their infrastructure is from 2012.

Sure am, else they wouldn’t be talking about it.

I’ve linked you evidence that Customer support agents are informational experts. There’s nothing I can do if you want to plug your ears and scream at the top of your lungs when faced with evidence.

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No you linked me what they did on the forums and they didnt mention anywhere they knew anything about anything related to what we are discussing.

You have no points, you made no arguments, you backed up nothing.

You were defeated.

He thinks as long as in their job it says “including but not limited to”, that means they know and can do everything in the whole world!

He probably uses He/them in his bio too

Yes they did. It quite literally says their job is to provide information about WoW and to know things about WoW.

Yeah, people that plug their ears and scream at the top of their lungs typically do think they’ve won. Doesn’t bother me though.


So, I take it that you have no proof on that either then?

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Ques will get worse on release, you won’t see any lower till dragonflight release. I don’t understand if you have a guild and people that dedicated, why do you need to be on a mega server to begin with???

What information specifically? Can you show me where it says what that information is?

Youre losing.

Player created issue.
Blizzard is offering solutions.

Nope, no proof.

Again, maintaining servers that over 100k people access daily isn’t enough and developing updates for them is just a facade.

If I was going to lie, I’d say I’m a brain surgeon, or develop something cool.

Please read the sources I’ve given to you.

Right, so I will not be discussing this further with you unless you have proof of your claims. I do not take claims seriously unless they can be proven. Otherwise, it’s just the word of some random person over the internet.

As compared to a child, trolling.

Literally, you had no idea you were straw-manning last night, nor knew the definition. Braindead.

I have, it says no where they know anything about servers or infrastructure.

If someone else was presenting this to you we both know you wouldnt accept it unless it specifically mentioned servers.

Youre still losing.

What in the bleeding balls of Sargeras is going on in this thread?

It’s 2022 and blizzard is making millions off a game that SOMEHOW has queue times.

No modern game since 2014 has had queue times.

It’s disgusting and there is no excuse for it.

Anyone trying to blame people for wanting to play on servers with robust populations need to google what MMORPG stands for.
Actually, I’ll help, the first three letters stand for “massively multiplayer online”.

It doesn’t mean “you have to play on a dead server if you want to log in and play the game you’re paying for”.


I can’t help but laugh when I see people complain about queues.