Quest Log Limit

Why is this still 25 in 2022? The last time this was increased was in Patch 2.0.1, which was released 16 years ago.

I am questing through Azure Span right now. I was given tons of quests that send me to Camp Nowhere. No biggie, I think, I’ll just turn them in at once. I keep getting more and more. Ugh. I don’t want to go there yet, I want to do the other side quests.

Then I get to Three Falls and start picking up quests.

…and I can’t. My log is full. I have to abandon Raid Skip quests that are already partially in progress in order to pick up more quests. (This is also a good side note back to my legacy farming thread, please make raid skip quests only require 1 kill, or be account-wide progress, because of scenarios like this, because now I have 1-3 weeks of kill progress lost on them.)

This should never be a thing that happens. And I’m someone who does not store quests needlessly in my log. I do not hold quests for RP or sentimental reasons like some people, and I can only imagine how hard it must be for them.

Please increase the limit. It’s been 16 years.


We’ve seen feedback about the quest log cap for a long time, and we agree. It’s time to increase it. With a change coming soon today to all Dragonflight realms:

  • The maximum number of quests that a player-character may have has been increased to 35 (was 25).

Have fun taking on (up to) 10 additional adventures!


Woo thank you!