PvP Damage Reduction Test #3 - May 10

Last weekend’s PvP play looked pretty good, so we’re going again starting today, with one adjustment.

This weekend we’re increasing the healing reduction to 30%, which means it will stack with Mortal Strike to a 65% healing protection for 10 seconds after taking damage.

We’ll turn the adjusted PvP aura on at 10:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 p.m. EDT).


Thank god, it’ll feel great not to be melted by lava lash and PW:death within two seconds of starting a fight.


Okay so you just killed self sustain classes which were already underpowered. Screw feral druid and affli warlock right?

You continue to leave the SAME CLASSES OP and have just further disempowered the classes that were already weak.

No, last week didn’t go well. Why are you doing blanket nerfs and not addressing the few classes/abilities that are the real issues.

Sub gone. Later.


a 25% healing reduction top would be fine imo.

Anyway, i do not agree with your apporach on this matter with flat decreases but its definately better than doing nothing, it seems most people in the end welcomed it and a lot did miss those new changes.

Kudos for trying to improve the masses gameplay perspective.


Every time the damage reduction test comes out I lose my desire to play SOD, and pick it back up when the aura is over. A blanket reduction does not work for everyone, certain classes still do well vs others. They need more balance over all vs a raw dmg reduction, but that is too much work…


It nerfs classes such as ret pallies and enhancement shamans heavily and ebenefits pure dps and dot classes.

If thats their apporach they are suceeding on it.

I do not like this but im not going to rpetend boomie/mm/enahncment/envenom rogues and ret burts are ok

Void plague also deserves a pvp nerf evne being a dot from a class that do benefit from all the damage reduction due shadowform passive reduction stacking.


Why wasn’t the Physical DR put at 30% like the magical? It just kinda favors hunters and rogues like it has been, never mind each faction complaining about Ret and Enhance respectively.


Prolly cuz chimera shot is magical and warriors are already F tier in pvp lol.

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Maybe just balance the classes better instead?


Still going to get deleted by shamans. I wish you and the devs would just balance classes and put some work into it instead of blanket nerfs. I know you guys are probably working on the 60 content, but it’s nice to do pvp outside of raid logging. And can the warsong gulch terrain exploits be addressed as well? Flag carriers can just sit in a hill and graveyards can be camped from the bottom even though it’s line of sight


I think this would requires a dedicated team for that, i suspect they dont have resources for it thats why they choose said approach.

But ya nerfing x/y/z classes would be far better imo.

Still, the change do help many classes to actually not get demolish by burst or go godmode with healing.

I would argue that shaman were hit way harder by these nerfs than ret because they do not have a reliable CC just zug zug bursts.
Anyway playing rn, can confirm shamans and mm hunters are way easier to deal.

They’re not going to go in with a scalpel until 60. Why would they fine-tune class balance when level 60 is going to blow things up with 10 more talent points and two more runes?

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Knowing blizz I doubt they’ll fine tune anything ever


Please make this also affect absorptions. This makes absorbs too strong compared to healing.

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Because magic damage at the top end is way higher than melee damage. Rogues can’t do anything near a Lava lash for 1500+ or spriest SW:d or void plague.

Eh. I think they’ll make changes based on PvP at 60.

Do I think it will be competitively balanced at the end of things though? Probably not. But I do think they’ll do more than they have and it will be better than it is now.

Of course you’re free to disagree but :dracthyr_shrug:


It’s tough to disagree since it’s all speculative at this point, but I’m hoping you’re right!

Good, they need a direct targeted nerf.

Lol, these latest changes destroys Affliction. Not everyone is a shadow priest or boomy.

Have you seen the PVE balancing? Blizzard quite obviously favour melee heavily, letting them be overpowered in P1 and P3. And probably into P4.

Lol, neither can anyone else other than shaman and priests. Rogues also need mutilate nerfs and definitely should be at 30% instead of 20%.



I don’t really get why they nerfed healing. Didn’t they initially reduce damage to make healing stronger? Then when healing was too strong, they increased the damage dealt on top of lowering healing. Having the percentages the same makes it no different than before; the damage being too high to heal.


If we are increasing the hp while decreasing the healing - can we increase the mana by association?

Reference: Ret already could not heal itself to full hp in a BG prior to reduced healing output.

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