PvP Damage Reduction Test #2 - May 3

Last weekend, we tried out a modification to PvP in Season of Discovery and gathered a lot of your feedback on it.

This weekend, we’re going to run a second test with a few modifications. Feedback indicated that the damage reduction was a little too strong.

Starting tomorrow, May 3 at 10:00 a.m. PDT, we’ll enable an aura that does the following in PvP combat between players (and player-controlled pets and other units):

  • 20% damage reduction from all Physical damage done by players or player pets.
  • 30% damage reduction from all Magical damage done by players or player pets.
  • For 10 seconds after being damaged by another player or player’s pet, the damaged player receives 20% less healing.
    • This would be multiplicatively cumulative with Mortal Strike, meaning a character with both effects would take 60% reduced healing (0.5*0.8=0.4=40% healing received or 60% prevented).

We’re also fixing some interaction issues with self-damage effects (Seal of Martyrdom, Hellfire, Shadow Word: Death), and Chaos Bolt will again lose its benefit where Fire spells ignore absorb effects.

Again, we’ll enable the aura on all Season of Discovery realms on Friday, May 3 at approximately 10:00 a.m. PDT (19:00 CEST), and it will be disabled four days later, during scheduled weekly maintenance in each region.

We look forward to your feedback. Thank you!


Nice moves :man_dancing:

I like that it stacks with mortal strike effects and doesn’t impact healing on targets that have not been damaged recently. That helps keep the action going and gets people back into combat quicker. Overall, I think this will be a lot more fun than last weekend. Let’s goooo!

After playing around Friday, things feel ok from my rogue and priest’s perspective. Might need to tune the toons individually though.

Dont tax their gig so hard-core cruster. :wink:


We have entered the try anything and hope it works phase


My god. They’re learning.


I disagree. They are still doing this the lazy way instead of going back and addressing all the PvP side-effects of the numerous PvE changes they’ve made since launch. They’re lazy and incompetent.


This doesn’t fix mage mana.


Wish they woulda tested the new DRs without the healing reduction on top. Adding a new variable to the equation, one that will hurt healer participation in PvP should be a last resort if you can’t find a proper DR that feels good


It only appears this way to those with poor understanding of the issues.

To people that have a clue, this is all a means to a much-needed end. A step in the right direction. A step that’s only needed because they didn’t/don’t want to properly rescale the resource:damage ratios of the entire game world - but still a step in the right direction for the reality of where SoD is currently at.


Way to state the obvious.

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Nope this is trash, it still hurts the same classes it hurt before just a little less. It doesn’t fix any of the issues it caused the first time. They needed to do this in conjunction with other changes not by itself.


Wait people still play this?


Please make sure pets take this reduced damage as well instead of only dealing reduced damage.


Actually literally everyone I’ve talked to that PvPs liked the last changes far more than the default. The only people that didn’t were the people that thought pressing 2 buttons from 40yrds away and killing people was good PvP. :dracthyr_shrug:

PvP having counterplay doesn’t hurt anyone except the people that can’t do it. So naturally the people that had it easiest will dislike it the most because now they have to actually play the game.


Please just keep it active and alter from there.


Damaging Spells should refund 30% of mana costs to make mana efficiency even with the damage done, because damage is reduced by 30%.

Thats the best way to fix that issue.


Something on that lines I agree.

Only healers and warriors. No dps mage thought it was good for sure.


How does this interact with Paladin damage, things like Seal of Command? or Seal of Martyrdom doing damage based on weapon damage?

Looks good enough to me. Full send it.

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Every “GOOD” pvp’r likes the changes.

The only people who like the 1 shot zero counter play zero skill meta are the literal trash can potatoes


Good change, thanks for the update