PvP Damage Reduction Test #2 - May 3

No, I mean the class as a whole is dog :poop:
I’ve been playing classic mage for a long time, I have 2 rank 13 naxx geared mages on era, done it all, chars with 99 parse in pve, but I am a pvper at heart and right now, the resource issue (mana per damage done) is just really bad, just very unfun


Who came to SOD and thought

THIS GAME IS TOO FAST, I better go to the forums and make them make it like their other games they offer right now.

Classic era

Go there if you want boring long fights.

I’m here for sod chaos PvP. Not this boring 25 spells to see someone go half hp.


So you suck at mage?. Okie doke.

?? why troll in a thread where devs are eliciting feedback? cmon man

Ignore him. He clearly has no brain intellect and probably has to go back to work now his 30min break is up.

Yep, mage as a class is bad. No way in hell any spec is doing fine.

Inb4 “BuT mElLe Do So MuCh DmG”

Just lol.

Kowalski. .

Don’t troll.

Its not a troll to say fire is fine and arcane still slaps.

Frost blows chunks, thats for sure.

Sucks for you bud there is a such thing as bad matchups in classic wow…Maybe your just playing the wrong game

Yeah I love when a see a fire mage pop all cds and pyroblast me for an 800 crit sure does feel like a big threat. Meanwhile you can log onto era and get hit by a 3500 fire ball crit from a mage…

Um I have almost as much health as a geared 60 in pvp gear. So thats wrong. Sure our damage is up, but so is stamina/health.

100%. We have more stamina, more survival (for most classes) and more damage. Its classic pvp thats more gun in my opinion. But its already slightly slower than true classic

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You get upset that someone does something with a class that you don’t understand and you turn around and say they suck at it. Alrighty then.

So I’m willing to bet you have never played a mage? Sounds like you tried rolling a mage and were unable to figure it out so now you are mad at all the mages who made it work for themselves here.

Mages could use a buff if anything.


No. Health is not up significantly, and certainly not up enough to account for the increased damage rate. You have that bonus health only with the 30% buff in bgs. And even then it’s not covering the increased damage.


most classes have around 2.5k hp
most classes can burst crit for 2.2k+

think you’ve borrowed a page from Blizzard’s itemization.

You sound scared bro

35% is the sweet spot.

When will this go permanent so we can enjoy skillful pvp again?


Where are you at brother Kaivax?

What’s in store for us this week. I am hoping to do so some more refining. This was a good step, but it’s time for some individual class attention. For example some of my baby blue brother’s have been having difficulty with the change on their mages.

You have the data. What are we doing this week?

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WSG is a complete Horde playground, and they’re fully aware of it. You can’t even queue for it anymore because it’s just the Horde completely taking advantage of the maps, making the game really sad to play for the Alliance. Most games consist of the Alliance stacking on top of the graveyard towards the end of the game because they can’t even make it past midfield and just give up. There are players in the raid saying, “Don’t just let them farm HKs.”

Blizzard, your WSG stats should clearly show this dominance. There’s no way Alliance players are this incompetent. WSG is my favorite battleground in the game. I should be able to take all the stuns a rogue puts out and almost be laughing at their attempts because of my armor, but I can’t. I go from full health to zero on just rogue stuns. That’s far from normal, and I had a paladin xp-off level 49s whose only job was to cap the flag. I built him for that purpose only. I remember looking forward to level 50s as the level 49 bracket was the most balanced bracket I’d say in the game.

Make this right, as the game is broken for Alliance at the moment, at least from a Holy Paladin’s point of view. I’ve never been so squishy in BiS gear. I’ve had 5 in Redoubt and 5 in Toughness for my spec, wasting all 10 of my talent points from 40-50 in an attempt to mitigate some of the damage. It’s not just rogues that are the problem, just a stark difference from what’s normal in battlegrounds. Taking all the fun out of the game and what’s worse, you nerf all classes without putting in the work to balance the actual problem. I just picked rogues for an example. We all know Shamans are ridiculously overpowered when they should be support. Stop nerfing everything else and address the real issues.

Once this finally gets fixed (No faith at this point), the Horde will wail and moan like spoiled brats. You’ve coddled them for too long, and now they’re gonna throw tantrums when they’re finally forced to play fair. Your leniency has only fueled their arrogance and entitlement.

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