PvE to PvP transfers now possible & can be both factions on PvP servers

I was just clearing up the misunderstanding.

EDIT: oh wasn’t a reply to me my bad.


Are my favorite parts of this.

Zero self awareness.

And of course

Hahahaha. Makes an absolute fool of himself and instead of apologizing for being a jackass turns around and insults me.

Mwah, you are magic.

I honestly feel a little bad, I can’t imagine THIS being that big for you. One of us continues to make a fool of himself but it’s not me mijo.

You owned yourself and you feel bad for me?

Do you follow me? Or do I need to get out my crayons…

I mean, you’re still throwing a tantrum over nothing. That continues to not change. I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed crayons, I doubt anyone trusts you not to eat them.

Me? You’re the one refusing to admit you got it wrong and were being a dick.

Far out you must have the worst social skills.

Far out, rofl? Oh mijo. You’re trying too hard.

I’ll leave you with your egg on your face. Enjoy

Taking the L is probably your best play.

Lol you’ve got an L tatoo’d on your forehead brother

Blocked <3

Blocked, lol? Sorry you’re upset. I hope it gets better for you

I wasn’t even aware that you can block people in the forums.

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You go to their profile and set them to ignore. You don’t see their posts anymore.

It’s great when dealing with halfwits

You’re so upset rofl.

You do see their posts btw. You just have to click to open it up. So it’s basically just a sad way to be passive aggressive by announcing it, even though he’s 100% still reading the posts lol… Its like a 10 year old girl telling a little boy she’s ignoring him when shes mad.

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Ah, TIL.

Sorry missed your reply.

Right now ganking doesn’t exist in the world because all the gankers are in the daily zones. In earlier phases it was more of a thing. Remember the gank fest when trying to get into SSC? lol

I like your optimism, but I truly doubt we’ll ever get to 50/50 on Arugal. It’ll only get worse, like we’ve seen on every other server that starts to favor one faction.

IMO by this time next year we’ll be being forced to reroll horde to keep raiding in any kind of meaningful way.

Dungeon hubs in WotLK will be swarming with people that’ll engage in WPvP.

For sure, and my point is, you piss somebody off by killing them in a fair 1v1, they log into their ally alt, add you to friends, then track you down for revenge.

I’ve had it happen to me plenty of times by multiboxers. The toxic playerbase will exploit it for sure.

It just encourages toxicity IMO

Was all of that really necessary? Completely derailing someone else’s thread with immaturity?
In the future, please do better.

Realistically it hardly ever starts that way.
People don’t aggro unless they have considerable odds.
It would be embarrassing to attack and lose.

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Ya but can I do account-to-account transfers so I can keep all of my characters on one account? There used to be a time where Faerlina had both Horde and Alliance characters (weird I know), and many of us got baited into paying for multiple accounts to have both factions on the same server.

Oh that would save me money? Nevermind the feature won’t be added then.

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