PvE to PvP transfers now possible & can be both factions on PvP servers

bad decision. they’ve opened the window for PVEers the chance to skip (aka cheat) the ritualistic hazing associated with leveling on a PVP server.


Seriously. What are you on about?

This isn’t retail, pvp servers are pvp servers. There is no toggling it on.


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Well there technically is but that’s limited only to faction cities and is just a nitpick.

Lol yeah beyond a nitpick


As an Arugal Alliance player, the ganking barely exists outside of daily hubs, even then people can still get stuff done pretty regularly.

With flying mounts there isnt even a whole lot people will be able to do to each other outside of a few zones.

Also given our massive horde faction favouritism, the ability for some of those horde “locked” accounts to be able to play alliance also will mellow out the faction balance to get it closer to 50:50… will we get 50:50, probably not but it will be better than the 35:65 we have now.

If it becomes 40-60 I’d be happy tbh.

What are you even talking about? That has absolutely nothing to do with this change.

Maybe have someone do the same for you with the announcement??

It is are you kidding me have you ever played on a pvE server before When you go into a contested area unless you are flagged would you have to type / pvp And then type it again to turn it off.

That’s exactly how it works That’s how it’s always worked

Bit of a self own there pal?

Far out we’ve got some weirdos in the chat.

When did anybody say anything about PVE servers? Literally never mentioned.


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No… not at all???

What does the announcement say. Go on, tell me

Couldn’t stop laughing that you linked to Wowhead article formed directly around a blue post in this forum.


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You understand that on a PVP server you can’t have a character on both faction under one account right? So to

you would need two accounts. And after the change if you want to do that? You still need two accounts. And if you’re from a PVE server and you xfer to a PVP server and want to do that? You… still need two accounts.

So nothing you’ve said has anything even remotely to do with pve players being able to xfer to pvp servers.

You uhh… following along yet or do I gotta get my crayons?

linked what I saw first, I look for WoW news on WoW Head not the forums.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd the self own.

Thank you for pointing out how badly you owned yourself <3

Are you ok?

These changes will enable you to have both Horde and Alliance characters on PvP servers.

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Lol the denial is delicious.

Doubt he’ll respond again after making a fool of himself that hard.

I didn’t see the second part but it’s still not a big deal. No one is that wrapped up in ganking in classic TBC, and at best it tells you what zone they’re in. In Classic tons of people had 2 accounts and world-buff sniping was a thing… and it STILL wasn’t that big a deal. You’re still making a big deal out of nothing. I think you need to get out more

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