PSA: flagging is NOT a downvote button

i never saw any issue with the downvote system

…but it never caused me any distress if someone decided to :-1:

apparently there’s a subset of people who think a downward thumb is a personal attack, instead of a reflection on their bad ideas.


A fine system as long as it doesn’t hide the post.

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Flagging gives you lot of options. For me it’s mostly trolling and spamming. If you havent noticed this forum is being spammed daily by a certain individual i shall not name.

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Discussing actions taken against content which is against the ToS, is against the ToS.

And? No one here is discussing specific actions. We’re talking about how the system works and how it can change.

Does it happen to be a lowbie that doesn’t hate wow? I mentioned how people are false flagging and harassing a person like this earlier.

It got restored by the Mod, So kinda proves Rhielle’s point doesn’t it . Post flagged for false reasons

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And now another post was falsely mass flagged by one person using alts, because they’re upset that this thread and my posts still exist.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread this morning. :slightly_smiling_face:


You clearly didn’t read through all of the posts or just decided to cherry pick in a poor attempt to make me look bad. But guess what? Your second quote was in reference to someone saying THE TITLE was telling people what to do, which is what I was referring to.

What terrible post?

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your pointless post that you made? it was to long to read, and honestly dont care lol, i got like 5 lines in and said no thanks

So you’re flagging a thread for no reason and didn’t even read it to understand what it’s about.

Not interested? That’s fine. There are other threads and you can ignore this one. But thanks for proving my point in the meantime. There was a point to this thread. Sorry you don’t want to actually participate constructively.

I don’t care about what others think, I will flag whatever I consider inappropriate.

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Which is not what this thread is about…

Flagging for inappropriate and against CoC is what flagging is for. This thread was about people abusing the system and false flagging. Because it’s been an issue for a long time and we’ve been trying to come up with ideas to possibly fix that.

You didn’t even read the thread and then flagged it. You’re a prime example of why this thread exists.

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Already got flagged, did nothing. As this post is fine. Just you people for some reason think flagging is the same thing is downvoting. Plus flagging because you disagree is a no no

exactly, because once they are banned, they cant comment ;D

its best not to abuse systems though as that eventually leads to a worse world, where no one can complain about anything.

Hell, I had the same post false flagged twice. Not once, twice.

This thread. Yes, the tone was hostile to a degree, but it did not break the Code of Conduct.

They had to unflag the post twice.

It just makes me wonder why they don’t have a system in place that prevents the same post from being flagged again unless it’s edited.

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Okay but now people are doing the same thing but with the report feature.