If the Zombie event remains as is, we need compensation

Period. I am the last person to say that we deserve game time compensation, (EDIT: Since everyone seems to not understand this sentence, it is a figure of speech meaning “I would never do this, but…”) but as it stands, because of griefers, the game has become unplayable in less than 1 day.

Goldshire is completely overrun with zombies. Boralus is overrun with Zombies. Random areas in the world like Suramar, Court of Farondis, Eastern Plaguelands, etc. are overrun with Zombies. Hell, I was on the Isle of Quel’danas and it was infested. You can even accidentally infest your entire Garrison if you don’t realize you have the debuff when you garrison hearth.

We cannot opt out of this, AND it forces us into War Mode even if we have no desire to be in it. I dragged 18 characters to Nathanos today and I don’t know what killed me more - zombies, or players that killed me while I was fighting Nathanos because the game flagged me against my will.

“Stop playing until the 23rd!” is not a valid choice. We bought game time the same as you*, we deserve to be able to ACTUALLY play it. I don’t care if it’s a 1 week event. That’s one week we paid for. That’s the equivalent of $3.50 of our gametime. We deserve to get it back if we’re forced to not play for 7 days because people feel the need to grief. (And yes, dragging the plague from stormwind/orgrimmar TO QUESTING ZONES is griefing, as per Blizzard’s own definition of griefing being taking away enjoyment from other players.)

Either give us game time compensation so the people who choose not to participate don’t lose gametime they lost, or fix the event to require War Mode to opt into, like it was planned on the PTR. You can even give the Argent Healers an ability to inoculate you from the zombie infection like the last stage of the WotLK pre-event.

Doing nothing is not acceptable, and I gladly will not renew my game time when it runs out if nothing is done, as I don’t want to support a company that gives into griefers demands to let them break the game’s CoC to grief players.

Fun Fact: I FINALLY got my friend to start playing this game 6 days ago. I told him it was a great time to start because of the pre-event. He quit today because he couldn’t quest.


It’s one week and you’ll be off in expansion bliss. Just chill and play something else for a little while till the event ends. It’s not that big a deal.
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Let people have something different from time to time.
Just enjoy.


You’re correct but you’ll have an influx of people who will tell you to be quiet, pve guy. Such is GD.


But you’re not. There’s going to be 100 threads after this, just like the 100 before it saying the exact same thing. I get it’s frustrating, I get it’s annoying, but there are ways around it. It’s a temporary problem and the solutions are also temporary. – Also. It does NOT put you in warmode. It flags you for PvP. The way it’s currently working I feel is NOT intended. Just clarifying that for you.


Actually, considering how many people haven’t you literally are.


I only want some compensation when there is copious amounts of maintenance time. Like if the servers are down 3-4 days in a week.


I too thought this, but it does.

I was with a friend who was in War Mode, and we could see each other, even though I’m not tagged for War Mode.

It’s literally forcing everyone into War Mode that’s flagged by the zombies, even if it isn’t selected.


I have now seen more posts complaining about zombies than I’ve seen actual zombies in the game.


We will settle for a free week, instead of partial refund.


With all due respect, all of your other points could be valid but are you honestly asking for a refund of $3.50? That’s like… an ATM fee.


Less than a coffee.


Yes. If they want to make the game unplayable during time I pay for, I would like compensation for the time I’m missing out on.

If you pay a monthly fee to visit the gym, but then they decide, NOPE ONLY PEOPLE OVER A CERTAIN WEIGHT CAN USE THE GYM THIS WEEK, you would be demanding some form of compensation too.


I’ve been playing the game fine, not sure why you can’t.

Are you standing around Org/SW talking to your friends? Well I guess that’s not playing the game.


When my gym closed during the pandemic, I didn’t get a refund for my membership nor did I ask for it.

Edit: There was a rule in the contract so me asking for a refund was pointless. There’s also likely something in the ToS that mentions refunds and not getting them


Jokes on them, I don’t work out.

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Except Blizzard is violating their own rule by enabling griefing and not banning people who do it.

It’s literally in their Code of Conduct.


Are you accusing Blizzard of breaking their own ToS?

Oh boy…

But they’re not. They’ve been warning people for weeks if not months about this and even told people yesterday to make arrangements/be careful out there cause the zombies are comin!


Obviously not. It lasts a week and is avoidable. Is it annoying? Definitely. But just an annoyance isn’t a reason for compensation.


I second this.

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