PSA: flagging is NOT a downvote button

Did you try to defend yourself? I would’ve.

a hidden post can always be viewed.

you only need to click it…

Oh the irony. Ya got downvoted, ehem, I mean flagged just making this post.

There’s something really funny about this post being flagged lol but yeah you definitely have a point there

Except when the moderator himself/herself disagrees with a wrongly flagged post and proceeds to remove it anyway.

Happens more often then people would like to admit.

You’ll have to forgive Rhielle, she thinks having an English Major lets her get away with acting High and Mighty when all it does is get her into trouble.

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You just admitted to false flagging on the forums. Even if you delete it they’ll always be able to see it. Gl defending yourself when you readily admitted you break the rules to try to get people you disagree with in trouble.

It doesn’t matter if the post is removed. Most people crap post all the time. My wife had 17 posts of hers removed from a thread the other day. No ban. She could’ve gotten one for derailing a thread and didn’t.

This is the second time now. The mods already restored it once. And now someone has been going through and mass flagging lposts in here and elsewhere, as well, simply because they hate this thread.

Twice now, too. Second time it’s been hidden.


Lol, and flagged! Nice.

Given the number of threads that get unnecessarily flagged, an upvote/downvote system might be recommended.

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Sorry OP, if I disagree with you than I will proceed to flag you.

It’s just…I am a snowflake. I can’t handle different opinions, it triggers my sensitive feelings.

You shouldn’t be able to flag the same post more than once with your account. Regardless of which toon did it.


Yeah people are just idiots.

Welp I came in here and saw your post got flagged.

Have a like.

Agreed. Likes and flags should be account wide.

just curious (because i’ve never actually tried) but people say they’re limited on likes, does the system also limit flags?

i feel like it wouldn’t, but if it doesn’t, it should.
nobody NEEDS to be able to flag masses of posts.
if someone is flagging that many posts, it’s clearly out of spite, not out of need.

It does. But only by character, not account. So they can alt hop and mass flag into oblivion. A certain person has been doing it all night, because they’re upset I didn’t get a vacation when they flagged my posts that were restored.


i still have no idea why they switched to this software.

it’s just bad.

if the creators are unable to work in partnership to make beneficial changes, blizzard need to suck it up and switch to something which they’re able to modify to suit their needs.

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I don’t mind how the forums work. I like continuous scrolling and a lot of other features. But Discourse wasn’t meant for these types of communities and came with a very poor moderation system.

For some people simply disagreeing isn’t enough. They want to see you punished because you don’t agree with them. Scary stuff.