PSA: flagging is NOT a downvote button

They told us they removed that feature because it was never intended to show dislike, but rather it was intended to be a way of reporting posts that had broken terms.

Once you’ve been silenced once, you can never get trust level 3 on any toon. It’s hard to believe you don’t know this and are making false claims to rebut it.

Yes you can. I’ve earned lvl 3 back after losing it.


Yes but that isn’t the case at all. OP has been silenced and got it back.

And there is no false claims in that statement. My other account got trust 3 account wide - I could post on any character with trust 3 functions.

I mean, I’ve had one of my posts removed within the past few days cause a blue said it was “inappropriate”, but I still have trust level 3…

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I can assure you that is completely false xD


As admirable as your efforts may be, Rhielle, your admonishment will fall upon deaf ears so long as there is no real downvote button.

Here’s a widely known and respected site using downvotes without issue:

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Reporting you for taking gallows job.

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They actually did.

But you’re correct that the current system doesn’t work any better.

On one hand i agree. On another hand it would open the doors for harassment. Just like if we had an Im system.

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So now everyone just abuses something else…

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Yup. Which is why we need an entirely different system with actual consistent punishment for abuse of said system.

downvotes were completely separate to reports

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They were, but mods still looked at the hidden ones to determine if action needed to be taken.

people are more than happy to report anything which goes against the CoC.

i find it highly unlikely that someone took the time to read every buried post to assess its suitability.

like/dislike ratio could also fluctuate if it suddenly became popular and got mega up-voted.

there was no downvote removal or reset, so even a basic edit to the post would require a mod to revisit each buried post every time it was edited.

i’m sticking to my guns on this one :stuck_out_tongue:

It would add some accountability. When a lvl 1 flags you it’s prolly for kicks. If a higher lvl flags you then it’s more believable.

Personally I’m against flagging people unless it’s for something hardcore. Flagging things willy nilly is ridiculous.

Except that’s one of the reasons why posts were hidden, so that a mod could check it out. They either moderated it or made it visible again. I know this, because I watched it happen quite often back then and was privvy to it myself.

That’s nice, but you’re wrong. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’m not going to keep circles with you, though.

Well OP, what you say is true but sadly we don’t live in a perfect world. Things like this will happen unless Blizzard tweaks the forum and change some things here.

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they were hidden because the community deemed that they were worthy of being hidden… it didn’t mean they were breaking any rules.
that’s why we had a report system.

it seems kind of odd that you’re trying to explain that the flagging system is not a downvote, while insisting that a downvote is a flag.



And neither system works. I fail to see your point.