PrePatch Tuesday 29 Sep 2020

Hey, that’s a great game though.

I once tried to replay Warcraft: orcs and humans and that was uh… yea, there’s some nice improvements in 2

The 6th of October is 9 days away, they would not have announced the official date by now. They gave the PVP two weeks season notice last monday, it is coming out on October 6th unless there’s some groundbreaking bugs that I don’t know about.

Your suggestion is to play FFXIV instead? no thanks, you couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to play that garbage game. Awful top the bottom.


Bill Roper’s narration is off the charts.

They don’t announce official dates until they are almost 100% sure, because of last minute issues like say Khadgar merger deleveling a bunch of toons or the RC build being downgraded back to testing.

Still all but certain the test realm going back to “testing” is just a random occurrence and means nothing. Probably just a screw up, not like it’s worth fixing, it’s a single word in the code soup that is a patch.

I think, as always, be hopeful for tuesday, but expect it to not happen. They could spring it on us, for all we know. And as cheeky as they’re being about dates, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

They’ve already announced that the prepatch will be releasing 2 weeks after Shadowlands launches.

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They would of said so by last friday giving the same 4 day notice for pre-patch like they did for the lastt 2 expansions.

They haven’t even given a date for the pvp season, or anything else besides the expansion drop. They probably won’t give a notice at all.

That’s not random no. Blizzard doesn’t randomly tag builds.

They never do until 4-5 days prior to the patch landing. The PvP season got its usual “end of season” announcement last monday.

They already gave notice last Monday . PvP season ends when the prepatch drops then they go into the bonus pvp season which ends on the 26th when SL launches

The character select screen mentions the finishing up of realm connections.

We’ll have to see. But they’re running out of time for the prepatch. And honestly, releasing it now wouldn’t completely be out of line. May not be perfect, but it’s what many, many people have wanted for a very long time. And if they’re not going to announce it on tuesday, at least, it’s going to cause a lot of anger since we’ll have the shortest prepatch in the game’s history.

Okay? I’d not be surprised if that was opening up the prepatch. But, it’s still very unlikely. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Chill. They’re taking down the whole service as well, not just realms, so who knows?

Except for this.

I wish, but nah prepatch will be next month. It’ll be here before you know it.

It’s a 1 hour maintenance. If you still think there’s a chance of prepatch during a 1 hour maintenance, you’re either very new to this game, or you’re very much in denial.

It’s gonna be the 6th or 12

Not to mention the test build that was marked for live got reverted back to test.

It’s not gonna be this week at all

Calm down, keyboard warrior. I’m stating that anything can happen. They should and could release it tuesday anyway. Hope for the best, expect the worst. If you’re so desperate to be right, I don’t have the time nor energy for that nonsense.

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And there’s no way they’ll release the pre-patch when some realms will be offline until 4pm PDT.

“On Tuesday, we’ll begin the additional maintenance period for these four realms at 8:00 am. PDT (11:00 a.m. EDT), and the realms will come back online when the connection process is completed, which we’re estimating to be around 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT).”

Things that can’t happen :

  • A patch within a 1 hour maintenance window.

The can’t. They announced 1 hour maintenance, it’s over.

I’m not. I’m desperate for people to stop being delusional.

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