PrePatch Tuesday 29 Sep 2020

Permanent transmog is permanent! lol

Pretty much lol!! You know the GCD :heart:


Noppers today is sunday…theres no way…
I dont there’s going to be a pre patch

It’s called conversation/discussion.
You don’t understand because you have been under a rock too long.
Your Guild name suits you well.
Carry on Kiddo.

I don’t think we’ll see the Pre-patch come out on the 6th of Oct Because we would of heard something about now if they were going to do that 13th is more likely Blizzard don’t care enough to say anything so they don’t care about pre-patch simple honestly just wait till shadowlands comes out of the 26th try out some [FFXIV] in the mean time

they’re doing realm connections on the 29th, kind of weird to do that during an active mythic and pvp season it might actually be the prepatch then.

nope not happening

Zero chance they announce realm connections happening tomorrow and don’t announce prepatch happening tomorrow.

The only question is 6th or 13th at this point.

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I mean seeing how they completely ruined the whole point of the pre-patch event, which was the Zombie invasions I wouldn’t even care if there is no pre-patch at all.

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I really hope so but I doubt it. I have only a few days of game time left. If it’s not this week, I don’t think I’m gonna bother renewing until the expansion launch. I don’t think I’m gonna bother wasting money or gold on a prepatch for an expansion I already don’t think I’m going to like.

I was hoping for the 29th but expecting the 6th. It’s going to be dropped on the 6th at this point

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I was telling someone they said it would be regular maintenance and over at 8 (they said it would be over at 8) but dude literally said “they could start early!” /facepalm

Exactly this. Just put all those events concurrently up with expansion launch for about a month. Nothing to look forward to even if the content is distilled down to 2 weeks of quests (which we know will only take an hour or so each week).

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I’m casting bets on a mid January pre-patch release due needing more time for bugs, also a February release.


1 hourof down time tuesday so nope

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As I read this thread, I’m left wondering, do people not ever look at the launcher ? Maintenance notice is always posted around this time sundays, why make bold prediction threads when you can alt tab and see if your prediction would sound foolish.

I’ve been saying since the “Release to test” thing that we’d know Sunday for sure, are people this unaware ?

I think people think the launcher is the devil and don’t keep it open.

The only thing that’s the devil is Warcraft II : Beyond the Dark Portal. Human Act 1 Mission 3 took me 3 hours for cripe’s sake (yes, I’m bored and replaying that devil of an expansion).