PrePatch Tuesday 29 Sep 2020

Calling it now…
Place your Bets! :wink:

Edit: Looks like I was wrong.
/eats Crow!


Pretty much impossible at this point, otherwise they wouldn’t have reverted the PTR patch to a test instead of release candidate, and we would have had an actual announcement by now.


not a chance


So you think Blizz is gonna end the PVP season, remove the long boi and the achievements without any notice ? Think about it 2sec.


Sorry homie, it’s going to be Oct. 6th.


I think the aim was for Sep 29th, but apparently Blizz found some issue in PTR/Beta and is pushing patch for later.


You’re at least a few weeks behind just about every other poster here.

Notice has been given, not firm dates but it’s been given. Still the 6th though.


Not to mention doing realm connections on the same day as prepatch seems a horrible idea.
Especially after the last lot broke a realm as badly as it did


Tons of people “Called it” before you did.

I don’t understand who would be in such desperate need for this kind of attention. UwU


They’ll be finishing up realms connections and with the complete mess of Khadgar, zero chance.

I was a big supporter of the Sept. 29th cause… however recent events led me to be only 600K away from buying a Long Boi, so… yes, I hope it’s Oct. 6 so I can have time to get that last bit of gold!!!

Right now, I feel even the 6th would be too optimistic. I am half expecting Blizzard to announce a delay any day now.

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A notice is a date. Otherwise how are you gonna manage your schedule to finish something in time.

You see, if you guess literally every day before the 22nd, you’ll eventually be right and can say you “Called it”

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“The warning has been given. Their fate is now their own.”

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I’d say good luck but you’ll do it. Plus unless they get all this connection stuff right, the 6th could be a no go.

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I would certainly appreciate as much time between prepatch and expansion going live.

I want to get used to the squish, play with the characters at 50 for awhile and also take several more alts through the new leveling experience

Nyzoth at 50th would take some reacclimating I would think

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Thanks, I hope so. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to make gold. Everyone and their mothers are just undercutting and babysitting like madmen.
I figured if I miss the boat then at least i’ll have a ton of spare gold for the expansion lol.

Might indulge in some of those 500K mounts at that point.

That is a good look at it. I purchased SL and this DKs race change with gold. And yes, I made the purchases as soon as I hearthed out of SoO. :rofl:

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