Potential "Allied Race" candidates

And their counterparts! :smiley: Gotta get those Dragonmaw Orcs to challenge them in the skies.

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I want ogre give me ogre


As I keep needing to point out each time someone wants to say draenei as rogues goes against the lore:
The Rangari say hi… :wave:

EDIT: Also, don’t forget about Mishka.

Sethraliss sssssave usss all. #TeamSnek

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I’ve seen people say that, but to me they seem more like Hunters or Rangers, than “Assassin/Ninja/Pirate” types. Culturally speaking, the Draenei REALLY don’t seem like a culture that would train or even allow something like the Rogue class.

I think they could do some really interesting things with the concept. Like Inquisitors. Or even Starfleet’s Section 31. Those who do the dirty work unknown to allow the visible good men to be good men.

That’s where everyone always seems to get hung up on this. They instantly think of rogues solely as “Assassin/Ninja/Pirate” whenever the subject comes up, or they instantly think of the seedy elements that are associated with the class (bandits, various criminal types, etc.)

No one ever seems to give thought to the idea of scouts. Of course, that in turn happens because apparently only hunters/rangers can be scouts in the minds of many of you.


Short version: they consist of assassins, rangers, and scouts. All three of those descriptions fall right into either the hunter class, or the rogue class as far as game mechanics are concerned.

Once again, the Rangari say hi.
Within lore, they are known as the “Eyes of the Prophet.”

You know? Velen? The guy that spent years upon years taking his followers and running from the Legion? The guy that only fights when all other options are exhausted?


We don’t know if they ever existed in our timeline.

Same. I agree 100%


  • Half Ogres. The most recent version of Rexxar uses the male KT model.
  • Dragonmaw. We have the perfect set up for them. Zaela is dead and the remaining orcs could have joined the Horde.
  • Saberon. They use the worgen rig and they escaped AU Draenor with the Horde. They’re now living some where in the Northern Barrens.
  • Gilgoblins. Goblin rig and we befriended them in Nazjatar.


  • Wildhammer. One of the oldest Alliance allies. Just make them taller and thinner.
  • Eredar. Could be a group that uses fel, didn’t want to flee with Velen, didn’t become full fledged demons (man’ari) but is tired of the Legion. Or it could be the group of eredar that’s part of the Illidari.
  • Sethrak. Worgen rig. Make their recruitment scenario about how the Zandalari and Vulpera did something to really piss them off, enough to join the Alliance.
  • Tuskar. I think they use the panda rig?

Hard to see Eredar joining anyone, they’re demons and go to the twisting nether when they die.

Sethrak currently and overwhelmingly owe horde everything, making a scenario to piss horde off is just silly after everything they’ve done for them.

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Fat goblins, with customization options for chin amount selection and size of love handles. Not a joke, i really wana play as gallywix. Also let undead be the undead pig people from BFA i thought does look dope. Mana starved NB and elves would be cool.

Moreover, we see Gorfax Angerfang representing the Dragonmaw as of Legion. And I don’t think it a stretch to see the Mag’har being moved into the Twilight Highlands in BfA to be an implicit continuation of good relations between the Horde and the Dragonmaw.

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it would be nice to get at least 1 more alliance, 1 more horde, and 1 more neutral

Tuscarr need a mention. I don’t /want/ Tuscarr but I know some people (Taliessen) do.

They have high res models incoming and lots of new animations.

I feel like gnolls are a certainty but that’s my gut feeling.

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Yeah I predict Tuscarr and Gnolls will be the vulpera situation all over again. “Those wouldn’t be playable, it’s too weird for the lore.”

But there’s lots of in-game evidence pointing at it.

I’m just going to hawk my two threads here:


My concern for Vrykul in particular is the height. Dungeons sizes are sometimes close to unplayable for tauren. You can almost get stuck in doors. Vrykul would be taller.

We have these.

Also these.

Sort of these too through ironforge dwarf customization.

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In their current incarnations, they are unacceptable.

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