Potential "Allied Race" candidates

Gilbin (water goblins, prob butchered the name).




Withered blood elves

Red orcs



That’s easy enough to work around. During the recruitment scenario have them shrunk by some gnome/goblin weapon to the size of a tauren.

Ashtongue maybe

Any more than the totem so far? I havent dug deep into the tuskarr and gnoll sitiuation yet, I am just betting on tuskarr being playable.

Taunka since WotLK.

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Allied Races made sense for BFA because the two factions were at war.

Now, we now kind of allies. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for outside to pick a side in a conflict that doesn’t exist.

They should just make new “skins” for existing races.

You mean like Orcs?

Demon Hunters but the book versions.

can we add murlocs as a neutral race

Not even remotely similar… and while they did just get a massive model update, complete with a wide range of facial expressions… unless they cut their new mesh to match the specifications of the player model texture map, they will be unable to wear armor (like Dracthyr dragonic form)… converting them to an AR would require another model change to support armor textures otherwise…

Anyone seen if the Tuskarr have that now though?

They really feel kinda like the Vulpera at the beginning of BfA.

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The Jinyu and the Hozen. I honestly don’t know why they aren’t in the game already.

Both are races that have allied with the factions already. Both have established lore already. Both have certified classes already.

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Yeah I’m glad they’re not. You guys would get cool fish people but the Horde would be stuck with poo flinging monkeys, which are only funny to people under the age of 12.

hozen would legit need a 1% damage boost when attacking from behind, and it could be named “Ook em in the Dooker” which is a quest line in game iirc

I don’t agree. I don’t want three new allied races for what are essentially clothing differences.

Blood elves can get bat-like wings and ears for their darkfallen cosmetics.

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I get the impression that there are just some people who want 100 recolored allied races before we start actually getting new stuff like Broken or Jinyu. I just want my funny decrepit squid-goat man already.

Yeah I want actually new stuff. Cosmetic additions to old stuff is fine because it’s an easy application but why would I want so much time and effort spent on another belf variant?

who would want murlocs

A lot of people since they’re kind of iconic to the franchise.

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Some of us accept mediocrity, some of us dont.

To each their own.

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