Potential "Allied Race" candidates

One word:

:clap: Sethrak :clap:


I honestly thought this might have been an allied race in the past. Probably stupid for thinking so.

Gnolls are never going to join the alliance, focus on the tuskarr.

Bfa, they gave vulpera breathing under water animations as well as multiple faces and fur colors.

Made me sus so hard.

Felt ao validated after it was over.

Furbolg. A

Sethrak. A/H

Saurok. H

Ogres H

Wildhammer A

Revantusk trolls H

Saberon. H

Ethereals. A

Kelfin. H

Taunka. H

Arakkoa. A

Jinyu. A

Hozen. H

Frostborn. A

I can go on but I got plenty of suggestions.


While yes there is no female model ingame, but just like what happened with Tuskarrs, who got female models and even adorable baby models, who knows what Blizzard has in their back pocket to surprise us with!.

Personally I’d love to see Ogres aswell eventually make its way into the Horde, much sooner then later to be fair. But who knows what surprises Blizzard have for us during this expansion.

these would be nice choices would they be neutral, horde, or alliance?

Ogres should be the same height as the tauren. In lore the average ogre is the same height as tauren at 8’, but can be anywhere from 6’ to 12’.

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ogres or orc??

If Dragonflight shows them as being able to have some form of government, they’re actually a possibility.

Why this race hasn’t been made playable is a mystery to me, especially after Legion where they were featured prominently in Stormheim and the warrior campaign.

We already have super draenei, I’m sure the ship for red draenei with warlocks instead of paladins has sailed.

I have extreme doubts even Blizzard, the company that decided Dark Irons and Mag’har qualify as their own races, would pour so much relative time and effort into adding dracthyr, make a big deal out of them being joined at the hip with evokers, and then make a biologically inferior version of them whose only appeal is that they somehow have a wider class selection.

They’re literally just regular tauren with some unusable options for fur and face paint. No need to waste an entire race on them when they can just flag those options to be usable by players the same way they did for undead elves.

I’ve touched on this before, the demon-warped tauren that hated the other Highmountain tribes aren’t on the table, or the Highmountain tauren we got would already have warlocks.

Another race that’s been requested for 10+ years, which means it’s probably never coming.

The whole “Kul Tirans were invented so the Horde could one day get ogres” thing has run me ragged at this point.

There’s no good reason for the Horde to try to cut out a valuable ally just because of their past history, otherwise they would’ve gotten rid of the entirety of the Forsaken. If it’s because of Baine’s feelings, then he can bugger off.

No more faction swaps. Please. Also, with how often people here from both factions push for the Alliance getting taunka, yaungol, or Grimtotem/Highmountain/Lightforged (?) tauren, I’m starting to think that tauren are seen as the Jerry Smiths of the Horde.

I actually agree with this one, because the Alliance got a completely banal race that was another reuse of the male night elf rig and stopped being relevant after Pandaria, while the Horde got a race that has appeared here and there since then and doesn’t really need any characterization other than “monke”. The ankoan in Nazjatar were just as bad if not worse, since they were basically jinyu if you took what little lore the latter had and replaced it with edge. I even remember someone pointing out how the menu for selecting your ankoan companion for the day didn’t bother giving any of them personalities, while the menu for selecting the gilgoblin companions did.

Horde Lore

  • Stonemaul Ogres
  • Revantusk Forest Trolls
  • Mok’Nathal
  • Taunka
  • San’layn/ Dark Fallen Elves


  • Naga
  • Man’ari Eredar
  • Leper Gnome
  • Dire Troll

Alliance Lore

  • Silver Covenant High Elves
  • Broken
  • Stillpine Furbolgs
  • Frostborne Dwarves
  • Wild Hammer Dwarves


  • Vrykul
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I don’t know where you got orc from but it’s Ogres, Ogres are at average the same height as tauren.

Race – Reason

Ogres - because this was the most requested allied race for the horde. #1.

San-layn - because this was the second most requested allied race for the horde. #2.

High Elves - because this was the most requested allied race for the alliance. #1. with the actual title high elf, and high elven architecture in their own high elven city. also playable high elven paladins. then void elves can go back to being children of the void, exclusively.

Vrykul - because this was the second most requested allied race for the alliance. #2. big, powerful, over the top, female body builders too.

other popular choices

drakonids, naga, taunka, ethereals, sethrak, eredar, saberon, broken, tuskarr, felblood elves, ankoan, gilgoblins, saurok, botani, cenarions (dryads/keepers of the grove), centaurs, half elves

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It’s not just unlikely it’s it’s a definite no. We have already been told by blizzard in an interview with Ion that it’s not going to happen in dragonflight.

So the expansion isn’t even in its beta yet and you’re already bringing up things from the possible next expansion?

In the words of the great Edwin Starr
Good God y’all

he didn’t say that, just that none were planned but were open to it when it makes sense, much like when the question came up around the same times in shadowlands pre-release interviews

That was in one interview in another one he said Don’t expect them in dragonflight which is a no

that’s not what he said. quit being a tool

Yes it is what he said. What you stated is true also. Ion has given multiple interviews where he has been asked the same questions in different ways he has also answered them in different ways.

What you stated was in one interview and in a later interview his exact words were “Do not expect to see those in dragonflight; however we are open to them in the future if they make sense to the story”

That is a straight up no for Dragonflight. I’m sorry if you don’t interpret it that way but that’s the reality of it

I seen Wildhammer Dwarves, I instantly approve, +1.

Long overdue.


I recall a response of at least 10.0 at earliest for another allied race but that was an older interview. my theory is they were gonna try to make dark rangers an allied race but ultimately went the easier route of just making it a customization