Potential "Allied Race" candidates

I know it’s unlikely we see any Allied Races in Dragonflight – or possibly ever – but I still think it’s fun thinking up ideas! And who knows, maybe some of these would be easy enough to actually warrant consideration?

In no particular order:

  • Gnolls

Obviously, with the new Gnolls in Dragonflight (clearly based on the Worgen model), this feels like a great potential candidate. I’ve been arguing for them for years now, as I think they would bring some much-needed levity to the Alliance. I would definitely make them MUCH smaller though – somewhere between Gnomes and Dwarves in height – but I love the idea. I would make them SUPER primitive, and bounce between “convinced they are actually the most powerful race, and the Alliance is lucky to have them”, and “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE WE GOTTEN OURSELVES INTO?!?”.

  • Vrykul

We’ve been asking for this since they were first announced. I think they would actually fit either faction pretty well – or even BOTH factions, like the Pandaren or now the Dracthyr, with one “clan” deciding to connect with long-lost “cousins”, and the other seeking to fight along those with their same sense of honor.

  • Eredar

I could see them joining either faction, as well (though probably not a big enough race to justify both). Basically, just have a small sect of Eredar from Argus come forward, looking to “mend bridges” with the Draenei. I actually feel like that could be a good seed to plant in the story, with the Lightforged believed the Eredar/Man’ari are beyond saving and should all be executed, while Velen and his Draenei seek to give them a chance to atone. Either way, THIS is how you could totally have Rogues and Warlocks, without completely destroying lore or their culture(s).

  • Wing-less Dracthyr (who can be other classes)

People clearly want to play some dragon-people in other class flavors, and I feel like making them an “Allied Race” would be a great way to achieve that. It ensures the Evoker is still associated with the race, but opens things up all the same. I might suggest making them a wing-less variant, however, since it might be weird for all these other dracthyr to HAVE wings, but have no means to actually use them. But that’s not the biggest deal in the world, either (Worgen have claws, for example, but don’t actually get to use them in combat); like I said, just an idea.

  • Grimtotem/Feltotem?

Much like the Draenei, I just cannot get behind the idea of “Tauren Rogues”, because culturally, Tauren wouldn’t really condone let alone teach assassins. Or Warlocks, if Blizzard wants “everyone to be everything”. But I could see expanding the Grimtotem a bit more, maybe giving them some creepy-looking cosmetics (maybe horns more like barren tree-branches, vague hints of corruption in their appearance options, etc?), stuff like that?

  • Ogres

Ogres have been a long time coming, I think. It’s honestly quite shocking they aren’t already in the game. I might suggest simply using the Kul Tiran rig as their base, and modifying it from there. Since that’d technically be “an Alliance model going to the Horde”, maybe to keep things “equal”, maybe the Grimtotem are finally chased out of the Horde, but the Alliance allows them to join, in exchange for information about the Horde? In fact, I FEEL like the Grimtotem could make a very cool “home” in Duskwood…

  • Any other ideas?

Eredar lol

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I think allied races show go away and new skins be made like dark ranger.

I dont want to relevel just because.


I would like a cosmic race that can fit in with the horde.

I really like Vrykul women and their tremendous foreheads, so I’d roll that in a heartbeat. From what I heard, Kul’tirans were supposed to look somewhat like Vrykul to try to scratch the itch people had for them, but I feel like they only really succeeded with the men. While Kul’tiran men kind of have a Vrykul vibe to them, the women are just really soft and look nothing like Vrykul. I probably would’ve been more hyped for Kul’tirans if they did.

In regards to Eredar, I’m not a very big fan of the “recolor Allied Races” (e.g. Mag’har, Lightforged, etc.), but I’m okay with Velves because they’re on the faction opposite to their core variant. If Eredar were playable Horde side with perhaps a Broken counterpart on the Alliance, I’d be incredibly happy.

I’d love playable ogres but, unlike with Vrykul, I think if you make them too small (i.e. the same height as the other playable races) you start to diminish their identity as the big guys of the Horde. I think a more likely and practical substitute for ogres could be Mok’nathal (half ogre/half orcs) since they’re pretty large and beefy, but in a way that could easily still work if forced to be limited to Tauren height.




Nope, Broken.

Nope, Dracthyr race option or Drakonids.

Grimtotem are already in the game and Feltotem will be as well when Warlocks and Demon Hunters eventually become available to Highmountain Tauren.


You really going to feign ignorance on Tuskarr?


My problem with Kul’tirans is their goofy faces, and guts. If I could make a jacked Kul’tiran I would be happy.

Also Gnolls are too stupid to be a playable race. Same with Ogres. They are not smart enough to use the auction house, or detail advanced combat strategy. It is literally lore breaking.


I think AR’s take a lot of time to make, so wasting that time on essentially recolors is a shame. I’d prefer it if Mag’har were just skin options (like Dark Rangers) and the AR system were reserved for physically different species (such as Zandalari). That way, while there might be fewer AR’s, they’d tend to be of higher quality. In addition, if adding new identities really were just simplified to adding new skin options, Blizz could just give hundreds of new identities in a single xpac. I imagine it can’t be too hard to give players access to the army of NPC only option skin colors.


Ion already said no allied races are planned, so take that out of your head.

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The modern playerbase wants too damn much, man. Yes more playable races are cool, but they should make sense. GNOLLS? OGRES? Are you kidding me right now, man. Same energy as those wackos who want Murlocs.

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I can understand the call for ogres since they use to be a major player in the Horde back in Warcraft (basically the equivalent of High Elves in the Alliance). But you’re right–only a select few ogres have shown any intelligence, so they’d really have to do something wild to make it make sense (perhaps introduce us to a more intelligent clan of ogres in a later expansion?).

As for gnolls, I’ve never understood the request. Perhaps it’s because Alliance players want more “monster races” in their ranks and, for many, gnolls are just the one they’re the most familiar with? In all fairness, it’s not like I can think of many better options for the Alliance. I guess, at the very least, gnolls make more sense than murlocs.

Edit: Now that I think about it, the desperation for an Alliance monster race makes a lot of the AR suggestions I see make sense. I mean, Alliance Sethrak?

That’s a good one, I agree, especially with the new models

Humans are legit mutant vrykul offspring so…in a way they are already playable, plus, could you imagine trying to go through half the doors and such in the game with how big they are?

These are just a cosmetic set for Dranei, and we already have Lightforged, we don’t need a 3rd version of goatmen for the alliance

So…Saurok from MoP?

Just cosmetic options for the HM Tauren would work here.

Orcs are legit descended from Ogres, and Ogres run into the same size problem as the Vrykul

If they’re doing dragonkins, they should start getting to work on Centaur/Cenarion/Dryads soon imo :revolving_hearts:

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How will that even work?

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well i figure since they’re half night elf they can “assume night elf aspect” similar to how dragonkins get visage form. that way they can have a humanoid form that can ride mounts and stuff. :nerd_face:

anyway they’d be cool survival hunters with spears, and awesome druids! :100:

Have my vote. They look to use the Draenei skeleton so it should be quite easy to add them as an allied race.

They aren’t half night elf. They are literal forest spirits like cenarius. They are divine entities. And they are rare.

whatever, i want to see them in the game, got a problem with that? :eyes:

Yes. I do. You enjoy WoW the wrong way. For the wrong reasons.

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meh 3/10, nice try though :revolving_hearts: