Political ideology / promotion of politics via a guild name for months nothing being done

On my classic wow server incendius horde one of the biggest guilds on the server is pushing / advertising a political ideology / promotion of a democratic presidential candidate for months with zero repercussion. the guilds name is {Removed} one quick google search will tell you that this is what followers of the presidential candidate call themselves. the guildmaster is even named {Removed} . I was under the impression that the pushing of politics like this was against the rules. I am so sick of playing my favorite game and having politics pushed down my throat everytime I log in and have to look at these characters acting as walking billboards. Seems like blizzard only cares when it’s a trump guild and I’m thinking about canceling my subscription over this bias I’ve witnessed / injustice.


First, please remove the names from your post. Naming and Shaming is against the forum Code of Conduct, and I’d hate to see you lose posting privileges because of it.

Second, you cannot report via the forums. If you believe something is violating the rules, report it using the Right-click Report options in-game. That way a GM will get the report and decide if a violation has taken place.


I don’t believe something is violating the rules I know it is. and nothing is being done. not shaming anyone just telling the facts.

Irrespective, we are not allowed to call out players or guilds on the forums.


Did you report them using the in-game reporting options? We see “well nothing is being done” on this forum all the time. All that does is spread apathy and the false believe that reporting doesn’t do anything. We’ve seen time and time again that the reporting system does work, which is evident in the fact there’s another thread in this very category regarding a name change.

Regardless of how you intended it, it’s still against the rules.


Yes I’ve left clicked and reported nothing has been done it’s been months this is against the rules and it’s not being enforced because it’s a liberal ideology being pushed. I am sick of the blatant bias. and would like a blue poster to look into this.

The blues you see post here are not Game Masters. They are Support Forum Agents who do not have the ability to look into reports in the manner you are hoping. They can provide advice (if needed) and direction, but they are unable to actually issue account actions in-game.

While I personally don’t agree with the names, Blizzard is really the final arbiter when it comes to what is allowed and what isn’t.


I’m a customer and I want support the automated robots aren’t doing anything. I will cancel my subscription over this. I’m not going to play a game where the support is bias and the rules only apply to some.

There are no “automated robots”. There is no ticket path for this because reporting cannot be done over Tickets, Live Chat, or Phone Callback. It can only be done in-game.

The only exception is “Ongoing Harassment”, but that hasn’t happened here. The only thing that’s happened so far is you feel a name should be changed as it violates the rules. I respect that. However, in the end, the right-click report feature in-game is the only way to report those names.

Keep in mind, it only takes one report for a Game Master to determine if a violation has taken place.

Also, something else to keep in mind, they may have had a name change in the past, but just renamed it to the same or similar name. If they are doing that, it would mean higher penalties for them.


okay so some democrat GM is ignoring the reports then and its not a robot? this is clearly against the rules. can a blue poster just post and verify this is against the rules.

Now this has devolved into trolling. I really don’t want to see you lose posting privileges, so please tone your posts back a little bit.

I understand you want to see something done. Here is a post that should clear things up for you:


im asking questions? if its not a robot its someone who agrees with the guilds political message? nothing has been done and its been months really annoyed.

This is a player help player forum - no guarantee of a response from Blizzard. Historically, names based on real world politics have been actioned due to their divisive nature. Blizzards stance seems to be real world politics do not belong in WoW.

Sadly, often they will rename the character/guild to the same or equally offensive name. I’d certainly keep reporting it.

Wow - you’re complaining about a political name in game, but then sling this at Blizzard staff on the forum?


Tantrums won’t help.


Something I just thought about. When reporting a name, you should be given an opportunity to add additional details about the report. This may very well be something the Game Masters are unfamiliar with. Have you been filling that out?

If you’re not seeing it, it might be due to an add-on. I’d start by resetting your UI to default

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its not a tantrum I know guilds that are pro trump get renamed all the time but this has been months and nothing is happening. says customer support here and they really cant help me? I play the game to get away from things like politics

We wouldn’t know either way - it’s between Blizzard and the guild master. I’d certainly put my money on Blizzard actioning any guild name based on political figures/parties.


As in player help player - not to be mistaken with customer service :wink:


are you serious? if its not robot doing the work for them its their customers . wow. yep im done.

I’ll add one more thing here. The forums are not a contact point for support. If you wanted one-on-one support, you’d submit a ticket.

However, there is no way to report other than using right-click report.

I’ll leave this here:


Bye, good fortune where ever your gaming adventures take you.