Please don't use 1.12 AV

Title says it all. When people think of classic AV they think of the original model with the weekend long matches, not the 1.12 model that the retail version is based on. AV is the main reason (along with massive WPvP) that I have been looking forward to classic. I am all for releasing the content in historically correct patches, but when it comes to AV, PLEASE consider using the original model.



I really really hope we get original AV. One of my biggest desires for Classic.


We’ll have to wait and see. I’d rather have super long matches myself.


Original AV all the way.

I can’t imagine why they would want to do a 1.12/post-1.12 version as it’s only purpose was to rush so people could buy the super cheap Rank 14 gear. That won’t exist, so the severely broken AV shouldn’t either.


We’re going to get the 1.12 at first but maybe they will give us the older version if enough people want it.


OG AV All the way! Back when Horde would win every single game till the Alliance got buffed to be closer to the towers. I never forgave Blizz for that favoritism.


Back in Vanilla zerg AV was the only way I (as Alliance) could reliably get BG wins when I was grinding honor towards rank 10. Horde owned everything else. Unless there was double honor in another BG for a weekend or something it was always AV all the time.

I’m not a fan of the zerg AV necessarily, but at the time it was pretty important to us lowly Alliance (wannabe) fighters who couldn’t run premades all day. That’s just how it worked out

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Well hopefully its not 1.12 and hopefully crossrealm bgs will not be there, especially for pvp realms.

But yeah I remember playing horde and people were like don’t cap snowfall, because it forces alliance into turtling and makes it hard to kill their boss.

I personally didn’t like those rushes made av end too soon, and it kinda made horde have to turtle even more.


If they want to “fix” a BG it should be WSG. One of the best things they ever did was put in a time limit.

Full AV with all the NPCs was just so epic. Closest thing to the RTS that is in the game.


As someone who never played og AV, can someone please point out the major differences?

Also just to add my two cents, im in for whatever AV lasts the longest, cuz that sounds cool af


More elite NPCs and the option to gather mats to summon a giant to fight for your team.


Are you worried about reinforcements? That wasn’t added in 1.12… The only major change added to BGs in 1.12 was cross-realm BGs.

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I still had AVs that lasted days in patch 1.12. It depended on if someone took that one graveyard in the middle. Then it was a turtle! :slight_smile:

i believe OP is refering to Patch 1.5.0 AV

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Maybe, but the only real difference between 1.5 AV and 1.12 AV is the location of where the horde starts and if I remember correctly, it wasn’t even 1.12 it was changed in, but an earlier patch.

What? You see that as the only “real” difference?


Oh man. I remember THOSE arguments. Horde starting in that cave MADE the battleground favor the horde.

So much Horde Bias. And those Shamans who frostshocked me as I tried to ride to the towers? The nerve of those guys. The absolute NERVE.

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As some one who started in late March 06 and didn’t get to 60 until Mid-June. And never got to do AV until Cross-Realm BGs were added. Yes. That’s why I know as the real difference.

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According to wowwiki only Korrak the Bloodrager was removed, not the huge summonable raid bosses (tho they were nerfed).

“Korrak the Bloodragerand his band of trolls have packed up their bags and left Alterac Valley for greener pastures.”

So you neither have any first hand experience of the 1.5-1.12 changes, nor have read the sweeping changes listed in various threads and webpages, but feel comfortable saying that the cave move was the only “real” difference?

Here, have a read. This one does not even cover every change.

Here, have another which speaks directly of the vanilla changes:

Hell, here’s another from the OLD forums: