Please don't use 1.12 AV

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I would be curious to to know what patch of AV most private servers are running with…


Thanks for the second link that listed the changes.

One question. The “capture” mechanic for towers. Was honor given when something was captured? If so. What is preventing the Horde from capturing a tower. Then the Alliance recapturing. Then the Horde. They go back and forth to farm honor?

Again I have zero idea how it worked. Just wondering if it could be abused. Because it would certainly be abused.


Yes, because 1, in reference to just Vanilla, I wouldn’t count making the NPCs weaker (balancing) and removing some that big a change. Maybe shrinking the zone could be a real change, but lets be for real about that. Being less able to just run around the enemy doesn’t seem like a bad thing when the whole point is for it to be a battle.

And 2. Because I can say whatever I want about it. I could call the whole place a hamster wheel and your only recourse would be to flail uselessly at me about it.

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Taking the tower’s flag did not equate to “taking” the tower. You had to wait the period of time, defending it, before it would burn down. After it was burnt, the guards could no longer spawn there, nor could it be retaken. It was rendered destroyed.

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Why not just say you are talking out of your butt with zero experience and just want to troll a bit? I’d respect it a bit more if you were honest about your intention.


No no. In the post it said you “captured” it. Not destroyed it. I played with the destroyed mechanic in the 1.12 version. That post said that you “captured” the tower.

“Enemy towers are now destroyed rather than captured (a one-time event per tower). The mechanics for destroying a tower are very similar to their previous capture mechanic.”

This one. What was that “previous capture mechanic”?


Because you wanna be a jerk.

Rather then going, “Oh, well that’s understandable I guess, here is some information about it.”

You decided, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. Here pleb, educate yourself.” So no, I wasn’t trying to be a troll until you started to be a jerk.

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Perhaps you should not have started out making statements like:

When you admittedly had no knowledge of the subject?


Notice the “If I Remember correctly”. This means, I admit I could be wrong, or don’t remember correctly. I actually have watched videos on youtube about how AV used to be. It’s been awhile, I don’t remember the whole video, and what I remember was the most significant change being the horde starting area.

Doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to comment.

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I must have missed where you were told you were not allowed to comment.

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They may not have a choice. Bringing the original AV “up to code” is a small project in itself.

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What? Alliance never had anything moved. In cata, the horde entrance was moved back to be equidistant as the alliance entrance.

The horde entrance wasn’t moved until cataclysm at the earliest. Horde has had the advantage in AB and AV since the start.


The #NoChanges crowd has been chronically absent from the regular old-AV threads, probably the only significant difference from 1.12 that I haven’t seen hotly debated by that camp. That alone speaks volumes.

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Maybe because you misunderstand what “no changes” entails. Very few beyond the obvious trolls pretending to be the fringe extremes frown on picking and choosing versions of elements that occurred within the vanilla timeline.


No I haven’t misunderstood anything–there has been much conversation around elements of pre and post 1.12 and the conversation always circles back to 1.12 as the end goal

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Lol, no it doesn’t. The players who harp on the “cannot change from 1.12” thing are made up largely of trolls, players ignorant of anything earlier, and those who actually prefer the expansions to classic and are biased to whatever version of classic is closest to said expansions.


How do you parse out who’s a troll and who has a real opinion on here? If you look at all of the discussions where members suggest reverting some type of change back to an earlier version of vanilla, be it talents or other systems related to PVP, BGs, honor, etc—its always swarmed by the same consensus. So maybe that is just trolls, I don’t have a detection system to parse it out.

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After being on the forums for an unhealthy amount of time, one picks up the ability to detect those who want to have a genuine discussion as opposed to those just attempting to get reactions.


Well that must add a whole new sense of fun and adventure. Goodluck fighting the good fight on AV. I doubt it will happen just based on the time and resources it would take, but I think it’d be a worthy investment that would add a ton of end-game and longevity into Classic, especially for those less-social players that struggle to form groups on their own. Hope they hear y’all out and take it seriously.

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Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and worth fighting for.

I have waited over 10 years and I am happy to toss my “resources” in the way of $ if they put the effort in.

Indeed. It is very much so in an iteration of the game where there is a finite amount of content. To have a version of an endgame element that is geared toward finishing more quickly simply for the sake of finishing quickly is nonsensical. If I were on a desert isle I would rather have an entire novel rather than the cliff notes.