Overwolf is a cancer we cannot allow in Wow

Overwolf is based in Israel. They don’t have the same restrictions as, say, the US. Which is why they seem to have no qualms about threatening Wowup and other apps, while trying to tell us that they’re “just doing it for our safety!”

You absolutely did.

There absolutely is a way to opt out. They already told us there would be. False information.

The Curse client never told other apps they weren’t allowed to exist.

You clearly misses half of what’s going on. Overwolf is attempting to stop other apps from working. They already reached.out to Wowup and tried to threaten them.

Wait wait, OP isn’t wrong here, you’re proving him right in fact.

He said there is no way to opt out. You confirm this as true, as Overwolf as only hinted as at a opt-out “in the future”. There is no false information.

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worse to worst i’ll just manually update my stuff I use.

I’m blessed that I have time and inclination to do stuff like stacking greasy BB’s

hopefully it will not come to that, but I won’t deal with anymore stuff like wow head and twitch but to a higher magnatude.

Then where is it?

Sure didn’t exist for their main client when they said they’d add a way to opt out of ads back in 2018.

They haven’t even released the add-on manager app yet…

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You think a company’s who’s business model is making money off ads is going to actively work on letting you opt-out of ads in their first verison as part of their MVP ?

I got some moon property on the cheap you might be interested in.

people don’t manually install add ons…and why exactly?

because dragging and dropping a file is “hard”?

Try having 40+ add-ons to update and then rethink your condescending attitude.

Jesus you people are ridiculous. If this is the type of insanity and assumption you’re going to try to use to argue against facts, then I’m out.

See ya.

This is the same company who’s gm’s tell you to go to a site for in game tips that does the same thing. I doubt they are gonna care.

If you have like 5 addons sure, but going to to each separate page, downloading them, and overwriting the old vers is tedious AF when you have 60 addons.

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why would you possibly need that many add ons…lol.

i think if anything blizz should ban more add on functions since it seems like they play the game too much for most people…

Quick question. Where are you DLing the addons from then? The actual addon page?

Because this game’s default UI is trash.

Most of them are things like “world quest list” and “world quest tracker” which literally do things that the base ui SHOULD do but doesn’t.

theyve already told wowup to get on board or lose api access, what more do you want


I’ve heard that 9.0 brings coords but still have been too lazy to check.

if you honestly believe that then there a bridge id like to sell you…

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Nope, not seeing that on Beta.

Of course you can opt out, by paying $ each month like on wowhead or mmo-c /s