Overwolf is a cancer we cannot allow in Wow

See I can’t find anything related to the claims people are making, either overwolf is paying google to skew search results. Or they actually cleaned up their act, I don’t trust them though given how outspoken people are about them.

And that wasn’t okay either.

Except, well… Curse didn’t exactly try shutting down its competitors if they didn’t join them.

Really? Definitely don’t want the Mossad in my pc

That’s another “unless OW is lying” they actually had been.

We know that CurseForge has been scraped forever and the team at Twitch has been fighting it and sending C&D letters back and forth.

According to OW’s post Twitch was fighting it.

Do I look like I develop 90% of wow add-ons ?

And where else ? Curse being the market leader has all the best features, no other sites bothered to make themselves a viable alternative after Curse took over.

“Company did thing ? Company is right!”.

That posting pattern ?

You’d lose pretty hard if you did.

Considering Overwolf is trying to make people run their adware and passing it off as “you’re directly supporting the creators” when they’re making a profit off it, I can’t really help but be extremely distrustful of them for everything else in support of what they’re aiming to do.

You can still to to the actual creator of the addon site. Curse is where it is all available but you can just to direct to dbm website.

That’s pretty different yes and not the first time I’ve linked you this.

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We don’t know what is actually going on at OW hq, all we know is what they have said, if what they have said is true then no developer in their right mind would shun CF after OW takes over, they’re talking 70-80% of ad and sub revenue going to developers.

That’s an hearthstone overlay and not the same thing as the Overwolf addon client. They’ve said it will not have in game ads.

It’s odd that the HS does that, out of curiosity i downloaded poe overlay and ran some maps, no ads whatsoever

Yes, we do. They use their client to collect data on your gaming habits and sell it off to 3rd parties.

It’s literally the Hearthstone Overwolf client that installs that Overlay.

It’s up to the person who makes the overlay.

That’s not related to what i was talking about

That’s Overwolf’s overlay.

It’s pretty damn relevant. That’s their entire business model. Curse is just an in to multiple new games to push out their overlays and stat gathering software.

But has zero relevance to the addon developer compensation i was talking about.

And i don’t care if they sell my gaming data, all they’ll see is I play wow like 12 hrs a day.

That’s just a way to keep them under their boot, so that they can push their data collection and overlays to users through market control.

They’re probably shutting that down. Well, from using cursforge

This is the whole issue, that’s what Overwolf is trying to shut down to force you on their client.