Overwolf is a cancer we cannot allow in Wow

I know mods and the managers we use to handle them are not really Blizzard’s business, But mods are an integral part of wow and one of the reasons the game is as enjoyable as it is.

Overwolf is a scumbag company well known for installing malware into people’s computers, and they are now all but holding mods on a ransom.

Still, I know many people did not care, many of us already manually install our addons, and some others have found an avenue through the use of third party managers.

And this is the issue now:

The rats behind Overwolf have come out and all but declared their intentions to ban Third party managers from using the curse page. Which only means people that want to use a manager to manage their addon library will be either forced to give up on using a manager and go and install addons manually, or risk their computers and install Overwolf **** malware in order to get manage their addon library.

We cannot stand by this!
we cannot allow these parasites to ruin the fun of addons for us, there are many Great third party addon managers that are now at risk because of Overwolf greed and we as players cannot allow this shady company to win!

Death to Overwolf


Overwolf does not own any of the addons.
If the addon developers don’t like the service then they can just stop using them.
Same for the players.

It is a product driven entirely by user generated content. Users have the control.

What is stopping the developer of Skada, DBM, WeakAuras etc to go put their addons on another manager and remove it from Overwolf?


what the big deal you can just go the addons website and update/install it manually. Is is a QQ over convenience…?


I will not be using Overwolf. Twitch was super convenient, but I’ve heard nothing good about Overwolf. I have no problem manually updating my addons for the time being, but it is a crappy situation


Didn’t we just have a big dramatic post about this last night?

Yes, it’s ridiculous and crappy that they’re attempting to stop other add-on manager apps from working. I think add-on creators need to move to WowInterface and give Overwolf the middle finger if they continue to try to block other apps.

But these accusations of them installing malware seems a bit crazy to me.


Is more than simple convenience.

Is about letting a shady company take advantage of us players.

Yes you and many more will simply manually install their mods, but not all players are as well known as you are, many or even a few will fall under Overwolf grasp by accident, we should as fellow players try and protect our community from this.

This are no mere accusations, there have been many documented instances of this happening. There was even a whole problem with a malware injecting ads into people’s computers the very same day Overwolf announced they bought Curseforge LOL

If overwolf only issue was their love for putting Ads on literally everything I would not see any issue with them myself. Wowhead loves their ads too heck, they have to make money somehow.

The problem is Overwolf has a very well known history of putting more than just ads…


Yes. Convenience is bad. It must be ridiculed.

Seriously though, as doable as that is (we all did it in vanilla), why would we choose to regress? If theres an easier method, why do it the hard way?

I will do the manual method until an overwolf alternative comes along


Well it actually started out civil and with some great brain storming. . Then. . well it devolved quickly. As one is to do on GD :slight_smile:

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Their reputation made me not want to use overwolf so I was considering wowup. If they actually block other mod managers that is very scummy of them. I would rather update manually than use something from a company like that.


People keep claiming that Overwolf is evil and installs malware but I don’t know if I believe them. People said things like that about the curse client and Wowhead in the past and I never got malware from those places.

I don’t get the hate to Overwolf. They are going to give some revenue to the makers of the mods I use, which mena hopefully they will continue to update the mods. Seems like a win to me.


I remember not even making it through the OP because of how dramatic he was being. And because of false information. After that, I stopped paying attention. lol

Exactly. Same here. So I don’t get it either.

But I do agree that them trying to block other apps, when add-ons are free, is bs.


Well I mean the curseforge website must cost money to maintain. I wish they would do it for free and let other people use it for free, but understand if they don’t.

Doesn’t it seem kind of scummy to just use something without permission for free without giving anything back to it?

How do we even combat this Uninstallme?, I support your message.

Run ads on it then.

I don’t care. I don’t care about ads. I DO care about predatory behavior and a history of bloated, malware installing junk.

I’ll pare down my addons list and manually update before I use anything by Overwolf.


Just install the addons manually and don’t use them if you don’t like them.

I always have installed mine by myself. It’s really easy.


There are various documented instances of Overwolf app installing things it should not have, and ads allowed in the app that were malware.

I would not have any issue with Overwolf myself if they simply added ADs as I understand they got to make a living. But they are doing more than that and thats the issue.

Shady company that now has also come out to attack third party platforms that people wanted to use as to force everyone to only use Overwolf. I think is fair to give them the middle finger when they want a monopoly, don’t ya think?

Don’t you think is kind of scummy to promise only to bring ads but instead also install malware?

We aren’t talking about a new company, Overwolf have been in the business for a long time and has a very bad history of doing this.

I am not just talking out of my butt.


That is true. I want the mod makers to be compensated for their work.
I wish somehow every manager could compete fairly. But it seems overwolf wants to remove any competition so that everyone must use them. I also understand them not wanting others to just profit off of their website but this seems too aggressive and sudden.

I just don’t really believe that’s true. Especially because Overwolf doesn’t even have their replacement for the twitch client out yet, so how do we already know it will install malware?

There is already an Overwolf app, They don’t ONLY do curseforge, they have many other addons which have come out in troubles because of this reason.