Overwolf is a cancer we cannot allow in Wow

Was just second hand info, so that’s a bit annoying that they still haven’t gotten that simple thing in.

At least there’s shareable map markers.

if they havent added something like coords in now after all these years i doubt they will anytime soon

I mean, they just added a better tracker after all these years lol.

It’s pretty annoying though. Like I used it 3 seconds and was already getting irritated at it.

i guess i’m just used to it in FF so it doesn’t really bother me the way they did it.

i mean…i don’t see why that sort of thing is necessary.

personally i think all you need is coords and dps tracker add ons…maybe class specific ones, maybe.

why do you need to know where every npc is…just seems like you want to be coddled too much by the game.

and it establishes why i think add on creation should be restricted more in some ways.

it just dumbs down the game too much

Straight from here; one at a time.


Hmm guess i got a reason to look into mod scripting wow again…been kinda debating it anyway. I have no issue manually updating if i cant use wowmatrix.

How is not having to hover over every stupid world quest to see the reward it gives “dumbing the game down”

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speaking for world quest tracker: i use it so i can see what world quests there are and what the reward is. if im trying to gear an alt i just got to 120 i dont want to have to manually go through each map and see what, if any, quests give gear. if im looking to level a rep? easier to find rep quests

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That’s what I was thinking but wanted to make sure. Thank you and that GCD :heart: :smile:

is it REALLY that hard for blizz to just put the reward icon on the wq pin?


yes, yes it is

Man, we shouldn’t need so many addons to so many basic things.

Addons are nice, but they being so necessary in WoW should bring some concern. You literally can’t raid or do mythic+ without some addons.

Relying on 3rd party apps for people to be able to play your game is bad.

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You can easily play the game without any addons, don’t get me wrong (especially when it comes to raiding nowadays, they’ve really learn from dbm about telegraphing things better)

But some things it’s just much more convenient or time saving, like the WQ stuff. Plus, a lot of people like to design their ui different ways, so having multiple addons available for UI design is a great boon for the game.

And I had asked a long time ago if all content was being produced with base functionality in mind or were devs assuming people used weak auras, DBM, etc.

I want to think they’d say no, (play all without addons), but behind closed doors they’re all running dozens like us.

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I agree, but I think things like m15+ and above would be almost impossible without some addons, and WoW does not come even close of having a system like raiderio.

They’ve said as much as they design based around DBM existing.

Well, tbf, raider.io isn’t really NEEDED. Specially if you don’t pug.

Well, many of us pug.