One video shows how broken this game is

This is why people attack you.

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Oh okay so. No reason.

Or because I try to make my posts easy to understand?

Or asking a question about a flippant insult you threw at me?

Not getting your point

We already replied to you. Not just me, others too

Keep in mind videos from 2004-2005 have inherent 2-400ms lag built in to them from ping alone.

Are you high? lol

Replies to my post: 0

Keep dodging my valid points and facts, you’re just proving that you’re trolling at this point.

Are you?

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If he was then he would post them in the bug report forum where they belong. Not in the general discussion.

Reply to the post where I link vanilla footage and prove you wrong. I’ll wait.



600 plus posts and level 60? Big cringe

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I’m kind of a big deal

Nothing wrong here. The guy just has the mastery of his class and the game mechanics.

He’s probably pretending he’s in an old cartoon yelling “Yikes!”

I mean jinkies, man, can’t you find a new word?

I wonder what Ravid is doing today

I watched the video for like 20 minutes, none of this is “bugs”, its a hunter using feign death over and over to skip mobs, its nothing new, even rogues were doing similar in burning crusade.

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Man this dude just ended your whole career of bug reporting. Pack it up. Dang.

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Probably reporting bugs idk

Right? Find something you enjoy, and play it.

Except it’s funny because you’re picking and choosing what issues fit your narrative but completely ignoring mechanics like this simple clip that shows a feign/trap in less than a half a second and is literally imperceptible. I had to watch it 4 times to even notice he feigned.

Half of the post deals with how wonky Feign is acting in the modern client. The other half deals with wonky pet behavior.

A lot of the clips you linked can simply be dismissed as simple ping and hardware limitations. Even if the behavior can be explained, we’re talking about 2004 and 2005 internet over phone lines. Processing on a 2004 era computer, combined with dial up, and then finally server side latency, and the return ping back, we’re talking around 200 MS average response times minimum

Modern days, ping averages around 50ms. Blizzard’s computing is far more powerful and basically instantaneous, and the “batching” times aka server processing has largely been eliminated.

The differences between modern pet behavior and old behavior is striking. Old pets behaved that way because of ping and hardware, but we no longer have those limitations.

and yet, you could pull off an instantaneous feign/trap in 2004 but you can’t in Classic. That is the point being made

If you slow down the original video to 25% speed on youtube, you see that the mob agros but doesn’t even aquire the pet as a target for multiple frames.

Not ONLY THAT, but once he does aquire his pet as a target, there’s ANOTHER delay between it even registering that his pet has used energy, even though on the hunter’s client it shows it has.

Watch it at 25% speed. Watch the mob’s frame. Watch the pet use the ability, drop focus, then the mob actually aquire the target a few frames later, THEN the focus registers as used even though it was almost a full second ago.

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Blizzard told us from the get go they were going to bring back the state of the game as it was in 1.12 INCLUDING the bugs. Also spell batching is HOW the game worked back then. Any private server that didn’t opperate this way wasn’t holding true to Vanilla.

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Feign worked back in 2004. So bring back the state of the game as you say

Thought you were quitting? lol

holy **** do you love attention.


Maybe if I made a troll alt with the name troll in it people could focus on the topic at hand