Old World Trainers

Whenever I go to the Trainers around stormwind, they no longer offer me pet battles. Specifically, the snake lady in Elwynn Forest, the farmer in Westfall, the rabbit girl in redridge, and the worgen dude in darkshire. Were these removed in the patch?


Same. Crysa and Garrison Menagerie are not offering quests.
edit: Defiled Earth on Tanaan Jungle and PVP Pet Battles do work though.
This started just today after the patch.


This behavior is certainly not intended.

We’re investigating it.


Lydia Accoste next to Karazhan is giving a yellow quest (and not her daily) to go to Stormwind, and when I go up there, there’s all the quests that I already did, involving going to all the trainers again.

Oh good it’s not just me! I have the achievements completing the tamers in Kalimdor and Northrend and it’s offering those to me again and I can’t do any of the daily tamer quests in Draenor.

Same here. Thought it was maybe a new quest chain sending me back to the Stormwind lady, but got there and was only offered the same quests as before. Raise a pet to level 3 which I accepted and turned in immediately. The other is to defeat the Kalimdor trainers, which I already did and don’t feel like traveling around to do again.

oh noes! please oh please fix the garrison battles before the 25th

lol, i recently found out about squirt and was looking forward to super squirt day.

oh yeah christmas that day too. :wink:


Yeah, the celestial tournament vendor does not give the quest for me. From reading, I’m assuming ALL the other trainers aren’t giving quests as well.


Best wow day!

And I’m the Church Lady.

Just noticed that my Daily Global Check shows completed quests from last week and the day before patch. So those quests have not reset weekly or daily.

Garrison menagerie daily started working normally for me this morning. All the Draenor trainer dailies working too, except for Ashleigh.

Ashlei is not working for me in Draenor. Crysa for Crysa’s Flyers is not working either.

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Ashlei and Lioness still not giving quests, although I saw someone doing Ashlei, but not sure how. Other tamers in Draenor are working. Interestingly enough Erris the Collector did work in my garrison.

Same with Crysa in the Barrens. I’m sitting there on my 111 alt wondering why she doesn’t offer the daily when a level 59 dk shows up and starts a pet battle with her…

Ashlei, Crysa and Bert in Gnomer are not working for me. Errin and Lio in the Garrison and the Panadaren trainer Nishi, Aki and Flowing Water spirit are working. Haven’t check any others yet.

Checked menagerie on 2 characters, and nothing there.

No challenge post daily, no Kura (which should be up if others here are seeing Erris?)

No quest to do the trainers which i know isn’t a regular thing.

With the complete removal of pet leveling in BfA, you really need to make sure old pet content is working. okay getting a couple of stones for specific families isn’t “complete”, but close enough for government (or Blizzard) work .

I wish I had actually needed all those critter stones i have seen since Tuesday. :frowning:

Hah, so you’re getting Aki. She wouldn’t give me a battle. But yeah, we’re both not seeing anything from Ashleigh. Really sounding like just some sort of really weird bug, not Blizzard deciding we mortals shouldn’t be able to do Pet trainers anymore.

It’s not at all unusual with something as complex as WoW for a little change in code somewhere somehow affects another seemingly totally unrelated part of the system. Suspect that’s what we’re seeing here. Remember first couple weeks of Legion, when a dozen pets started looking like blue and white cubes.

2 days now, not seeing any change after today’s maintenance and reset. Can we get an update please?
To reiterate: my daily and weekly pet quests that were completed before patch day (menagerie, dungeons, what we’ve been training for) are not resetting.


Glad to know I am not alone in this. I was afraid it was “working as intended” as some kind of punishment or misguided change (not that that ever happens!!!) for dedicated pet trainer battlers. The ones in Kalimdor give spotty results and not always the same in the last couple of days.