Celestial Pet Tournament removed in 8.1?

Hey guys, I’ve been flying to Timeless Isle everyday since 8.1 dropped, to check for the Celestial Pet Tournament and there’s no quest to start it anymore. Have they eliminated it from the game in this patch? This is a bit frustrating because I’ve been doing this tournament for the tokens to buy the cool pets from the vendor there, and i have 1 more token to win to buy the Yu-Lon dragonkin pet! I haven’t seen anything in any patch notes about it being removed so i thought I’d see if anyone else here might know something

Something has happened. I was in the middle of the tournament when I had to log off. Came back, I had “lost”, and when I dropped the quest, I couldn’t pick it back up. (No blue “!”).

Can’t believe they’d remove this.

Wait, let me rephrase that. I really HOPE they didn’t remove that quest.

There was a bug introduced that affected several pet trainers. I’m trying to remember where I saw the thread. Maybe bug forums. Let me take a look.

EDIT: Found it: Old World Trainers

Covers old world through Garrison menagerie from what I skimmed.

hey thanks guys, i was hoping they hadn’t removed this. I noticed that for a few days the garrison pet menagerie daily wasn’t available, but then the other day when i checked, it was available again. So maybe they’re working on it?

I don’t think there was an update after the initial blue post but it sounded like they were going to work on it. SO maybe some things got fixed but others didn’t. Might want to add to that post to let them know people are still having issues.