Old World Trainers

I am able to do all the quests, but my wife has the same problems you all do. Both our computers were built the same…….

Tamers are back up, woot! However, weekly quests - dungeons, celestial tourney, what we’ve been training for, are still marked completed. Here’s hoping they are reset before Tuesday.

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Is this fixed for everyone now?

No, my weekly quests - dungeons, celestial tourney, what we’ve been training for - are still marked completed.

I am Missing quest from quest givers:
-Celestial tournament
-Pet dungeon wailing caverns
-Pet dungeon deadmines
-WQ pet daily not getting credits

I tried scan and repair. I have removed all data files from WOW folders. I have removed all addons ( just to be sure there is no interference). My only and last next move would be to re-install the whole game :confused:

I have reported bug tuesday and wrote a ticket. The response was vast and does not help in anyway to resolve the issue. How can this be fixed? When will this be fixed?

Any suggestions?

I checked and the Celestial Tournament did not reset for me either, although pet WQs seem to work fine. I think it’s still on their end. At least I’m able to do Ashlei and the other tamers in Draenor normally now.

I cannot accept the quest for the Celestial Tourney either. I’ve been checking every day after daily reset all week. This sucks! Do we have an ETA, Blizz?