Pet Tamers on strike

Pet tamers are not offering daily quests, such as Garrison Menagerie and Crysa. Defiled Earth on Tanaan Jungle and PVP Pet Battles do work though.
This started just today after the patch.

Another player described the same at Old World tamers:


Same issue. They still give the call out text as I come near, but no ! option.

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I’ve checked 5 different toons parked at trainers, only 1 trainer offered a daily (Dagra the Fierce in N. Barrens). Not sure if character level matters now; the toon parked there is 26. The others are somewhat overleveled for the zones they are in but that’s never been an issue before. O_O

I was able to do the WoD pet tamers but am unable to queue for both the Wailing Caverns and Deadmines pet battle dungeons as the NPCs don’t give the option to do so.

In addition to this, Audrey Burnhep in Stormwind is offering up pet tamer missions that I’ve already completed and for which I have the achievement, such as “Battle Pet Tamers: Northrend”

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Same issue here. I tried several and none of them are offering the dailies.

huh, im having the opposite problem. the WoD pet tamers and the garrison dailies arent showing up for me, but i can que for the pet dungeons just fine

Same boat here. Something about pet quest status is messed up.

I can get:

  • Kura/Erris quests if they’re present
  • WoD Masters

I don’t get:

  • Regular daily and weekly from Serrah/Lio in the garrison

Additionally, Varzok in Org is offering me quests I’ve already done such as:

  • Battle Pet Tamers: Kalimdor
  • Zunta, The Pet Tamer

These are being shown despite my achievements for Taming Kalimodr/Azeroth/etc being marked completed.

A blue responded to a similar thread and said that this was not intentional that they are investigating it.

Not sure if this is the same issue, but I noticed that pet battle quests weren’t resetting.

I did specifically the Julia Stevens and Old Macdonald quests a short time before the patch. Had a look around after the patch and noticed that Old Macdonald hadn’t reset. Having checked again now (after two daily reset times), neither of those have quests available. But Eric Davidson did have a quest (a quest I didn’t do recently).

Checked on two different characters.

I can fight the WoD tamers no problem, but Lio the Lioness isn’t giving me dailies any more, Erris the Collector still shows up just fine though.

If this is so, its a relief. I thought they had removed Crysa’s pet battle when I turned up there this morning, so hopefully this will be fixed soon.


Environeer Bert nor Crysa are working for me. I really enjoy doing these one a day on leveling alts so I hope it’s fixed soon.

I am in that same boat…Flowing Pandaren Spirit and Hyuna of the Shrines is not interactive as well as Beats of Fable reset to the full list instead of the 3 seperate quests it normally is. I am assuming the recent patch broke them. Hope they fix them soon…hurting my rare stone drops.

Yeah still experiencing this as of right now, just tried to do the Crysa quest again after not being able to do it yesterday.
I guess at least that’s two less bags to be disappointed in.

Good news everyone. They fixed this today.

Not quite, sadly. Tamers yes but weeklies (dungeons, PVP) are still locked out.

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Hate to bump this thread, as its like a year old, but this just started happening again. Can only do them on alliance and not horde.