Now THIS is Dragon Racing! Achievement not rewarding Black Netherwing Scales

I just completed this achievement Now THIS is Dragon Racing! but I didn’t receive the black Netherwing scales.

I didn’t get a manuscript in my inventory when I completed the achievement so I went to a Rostrum of Transformation to see if had been unlocked. Unfortunately it wasn’t available either.

I’ve tried logging out and back in to see if anything changed but nothing happened. Anyone else having this problem?


I’m also having this issue.


Same here. Seeing some folks using it. I finished the achievement yesterday, got nothing. Logged out, back in, other characters, opened a ticket and got a form letter telling me to come here, so… lol.


Still waiting for a fix on this Achievement


“New THIS is Dragon Racing” and the Grotto Netherwing Drake: Black Scales is also bugged for me. I completed the achievement prior to 10.2.6 and have not received this reward. Also does not show in rostrum as a choice for me.


Yeah, I saw someone using the appearance while waiting for raid last night, so I assumed it had been fixed. But I still have neither the manuscript nor the option in the transformation window.

Got an automated response to a ticket that was…less than helpful.


It seems like it’s only not being awarded to people who already had all the necessary achievements before this achievement was released. People who earn the achievement now, after it’s already been released, are getting their new drake color as normal

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That’s probably it.

The new rewards for pre-existing metas aren’t immediately awarding retroactively. I completed the Into the Storm achievement last year but didn’t get the Coralscale Salamanther immediately for the pre-existing completion. OTOH, I finished Now This is Dragon Racing after 10.2.6 dropped and got the Grotto Netherwing Dragon Black Scales unlocked almost immediately.

Blizzard needs solve this issue of proper retroactive credit for the metas that players completed before 10.2.6.

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I could see that being the case, except that I didn’t get the achievement until after the reward was added. I got it on the 24th.


I completed the NOW this is dragon racing the same day i saw the post about the meta on wowhead, like 2-3a of the 24th. . no scale unlock and / or manuscript.

Put in a ticket and all i got was ‘sorry we cant give you achievements’. -_-


got the achievment but no black scales, cmon blizzard

I just completed this Achievement today and no new scale color. Hopefully, a fix will come soon for this. I was super excited to finally get this color for my drake.


Same for me. I completed the achievement today. No manuscript, and black scales aren’t unlocked at the rostrum. I can only even see the teal and violet colors.

I had this completed b4 the patch dropped and have not got my scales yet either

Some friends have gotten it unlocked, but many folks I know haven’t, including me. Just adding this so Blizzard knows we’re still out there. Thanks!


yeah dont have it yet either, this is now the only thing missing to the World Awoken meta achievement. Everything else works.

Well, got a ticket response. GMs can’t do anything about this, and we’ll just have to wait till the devs figure it out. Probably shouldn’t be surprised. /shrug

Yea, its unfortunate, been wanting this color for so long and now that it’s available all I can do is watch other players use it. I really hope it’s fixed soon.


I’ve posted all the info I have and steps I’ve done to try and fix it, sharing it here with you all so that maybe blizzard has a better idea of what may be causing it.

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Also broken for me. Made a ticket, was basically told to kick rocks.

Really annoyed - I did this entire achievement in a single night as soon as the reward was announced because I love the Netherwing Drake and have been hoping for additional colours since its release.

Seeing people flying around with something that I have earned but have no access to is really disheartening. I can understand it being bugged initially, but this is the 3rd reset that it has been broken. I figured opening a ticket would be enough to have it fixed but they just said to submit a bug report, which I did, but it says that I won’t receive a response to it or anything.

I genuinely think that people who end up experiencing weeks long bugs in a paid subscription based game should receive some sort of token compensation. Nothing massive, but I remember when we used to get an extra day of game time when servers would go down for extended maintenance and something like that would really go a long way in saying “Hey, sorry we messed up and you suffered for it. Here’s a little something, enjoy”. Or heck, even a proper response from the customer support tickets rather than the generic “We understand your issue 100%, have you tried doing the thing you said you’d tried already in your ticket?”

Bleh. I’m just grumpy cos I don’t have my shiny and honestly I remember the customer support for WoW used to be so amazing. Now it takes a week to get a copy and pasted response that essentially says “We can’t help, just wait indefinitely and it might get fixed one day”.