Now THIS is Dragon Racing! Achievement not rewarding Black Netherwing Scales

blizzard need to fix this, i want my black scales

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I’m also having this issue. I completed the requirements for this achievement quite some time ago but do not have the black scales available to use.

I completed this achievement on November 8th 2023! I don’t have the manuscript for the black scales.

Just checked the rostrum after today’s reset, still no scales.

Completed this a week or so back and haven’t received the scales yet.

I’m starting to doubt this will be fixed this patch. maybe they fix in this xpac, i hope, lmao

Still not fixed. :frowning:

I stooped to petty levels today and unsubbed to get the (worthless) message across lmao. >_>

#No dark skyshark no sub.

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Did a bug report. No fix in sight. Do a ticket, “we know of the issue, it should be fixed. if not, submit a ticket” do ANOTHER ticket “We know of the issue, it may need a client side fix. try a bug report”

Seems the bottom line is, nothing they can do until they stop messing around with other garbage and can dedicate resources to fixing this.

Normally, would be fair, if this wasn’t already added to the game–teased and dangled in front of our faces earlier…then removed. Meanwhile there are RNG generated drakes specifically placed in our hub to taunt us. “oh yeah, these assets are in the game. they were even ready on roll out–you just cant have them”. it’s a real kick in the crotch even more now that it’s “available”. and that achievement is tedious as all hell, thankfully i was ahead of the curve on it…

Clearly that didn’t matter though and I should go play some other games. Like helldivers 2. If i’m going to play a buggy mess it should at least be fun and rewarding…not a miserable grind for literally no reward.


I snorted at this.
At least those bugs can be killed amirite.

Same thing for me. Earned it 10 days ago. Never got the skin.

Completed this on 4/8. Didn’t get the Manuscript. Checked the Rostrum, nothing. Put in a ticket and got a response today and was told: “No you didn’t get the achievement.”



The GM I talked to told me to enter a bug report :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s been almost a month. I got the achievement on 11/09/23.


I am so SICK of reporting a bug or not getting some from this and blizzard just giving me a BOT response… are there real GM’s out there? when will i get this page!! I did the work let me enjoy the game.

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Posting to confirm I too do not have this appearance despite completing the achievement

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Saw some one say they got the manuscript in the mail, so their version is fixed.

Mine sadly is still not working. :frowning:


I received two copies of the manuscript in the mailbox on an alt within the past day or two, possibly the first character I logged on that day. Once it was learned, I did have access to the skin on my characters. Make sure you check the mail on all characters you logged into the past few days just in case. At least they are aware and trying to correct the issue.


I just received two copies in the mail too. It seems like they JUST now pushed out the fix cuz I’ve been sitting here doing transmog stuff for the last 20 minutes and I had just collected my auction house mail before I started so I am 100% sure I did not have the manuscript in the mail until just a few minutes ago.

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I just got the manuscript in my mail as well.

Still nothing, what’s the point in doing these chievs as they come out if you just miss out on the rewards for weeks while ppl just doing them now get them no dramas, what a joke!
Where my scales at blizz ?