Did they just nerf the Grand Hunt?

Did 2 hunts for the epic bag before the “small reset” (world quests going out on time and new ones comes) and got on both toons. After the “small reset” I got nothing on the 3rd toon I did it on. On all 3 toons now I don’t even see the blue bag as a reward for doing the hunt.
What is happening? I need 1 more color for the Tetrachromancer and the Centaur of Attention achievements, for the mount.

The game is broken. WQs, Fyrakk Assaults, Storms… all broken.


Seems the scheduled world events are all messed up rn. I hope this is a lesson to Blizz to not add such an overwhelming amount of these types of events again…


add it to the list of busted activities!


Yeah, it looks that way. Don’t even see any Elemental Storms up either. Is almost 2 hours ago since I saw the last one.

Achievments as well. Did Now THIS is Dragonracing and…nada. No black scales. Man, it’s almost like this patch didn’t get enough QA testing.

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Achievements arent being counted?

Some aren’t. They added rewards to pre-existing ones but the awards are bugged to hell an back. It’s pretty much a coin toss whether you’ll get your reward.

I finished “Flight club” before the reset and got the mount in to my collection.

Thats unfortunate… just got off work and was about to do some grinding :sob:

That’s been bugged for a while

Doubt it considering the reward was implemented in this patch.

And it’s been bugged since implementation.

Here’s one of the threads. This one is 16 days old.