Netherwing Drake Black Scales missing

Still missing as of 4/2/24 :upside_down_face:

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Also still missing, I asked a GM and the GM told me to enter a bug :slight_smile:

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Also still missing. Had a ticket since the first day it was bugged and only just now got an answer and it told me to submit a bug report.

I also posted IN MY TICKET that I had checked the Rostrum and it wasn’t there, and was initially told to check Wowhead and then told to check the Rostrum. Finally told to submit a Bug Report post.

I truly don’t understand how after 2 resets it still hasn’t been fixed, and CS just say “Oh, we understand your problem fully. Now have you tried something you already said you tried?” :open_mouth:


Likewise, also still missing after reset. Have checked the rostrum, still never received it in the mail, or on any alts.

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I have had the achievement completed since 11/10/23, never got the scales. Opened a ticket that got first blocked by an auto response and then when I pushed the issue they responded with a placating response of “submit a bug report”. When I pushed further to see if it was something that would be solved anytime soon, they quite literally copy and pasted the same placating script response but with another GM signature, this one ending with “its a known issue”. Now I can’t even open the support tab in-game I just get a nonstop gold loading circle. (Hyperbole) I’m glad Blizz has seen fit to mute and punish the players who actually played their game before there was a reward incentive.


So, putting together some information in case Blizzard reads this post. Prepare for a wall of text.

My main character had done all of the achievements required for the Meta Achievement “Now THIS is Dragonracing!” (Racing/Glyphs) by the morning of 3/20/24, on a havoc demon hunter. I do have the Grotto Netherwing Drake unlocked as of the Trading Post reward in July of 2023.

I had not received the Grotto Netherwing Drake: Black Scales manuscript in the mail, nor an option in the Rostrum of Transformation. I have checked the mail of every character I have, and checked the rostrum of every level 60+ character I had, it did not appear for any of them. Including using the missing mail service provided by the support page with nothing showing up missing.

Late night of 4/2/2024, I attempted to try and ‘refresh’ the meta achievement by re-doing the Dragon Racing Completionist: Bronze, Forbidden Reach Racing Completionist, Zaralek Caverns Racing Completionist, and Emerald Dream Racing Completionist, on an alt that had not done those parts of the Meta, with no success. Having checked the Mail, and Rostrum once again on alts to not having found it. The Glyph Hunter achievements seemingly cannot be replicated, as they’re account wide progress. I had also attempted doing all of the Dragon Racing Completionist: Gold, and Reverse Racer: Gold on the mentioned main to rule those out as well. Also with no success.

I have done all that I can in game on my end, including reporting the mentioned steps in game via the bug report tool.

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a fix for this when ?

I am still missing this as of 4/3/2024 despite having the achievement.

I also have completed Now THIS is dragonracing! and I did not receive the Black scales. It is not in my rostrum.

I’m wondering if there is a difference between the Netherwing gotten from the tradepost and the one that was given to people at the end of the questline to recruit them?

If it helps with your theory, I’m missing the black scales and got my Grotto in the Trading Post.

I got mine from the trading post and had the achievement done before it was an achievement if that helps.

I am also missing the scales and my drake was not from the trading post

Well that throws out my theory then. Thank you for the data.

Still broken as of today’s hot fixes

still no scales

As for the theory of TP vs Quest Reward versions, it would still be the same item id.

Yeah mine went through as well, and they just told me that I had to wait for the development team to implement a fix.


Bumping the thread.
Almost 20 days in and still no fix. Starting to get a bit ridiculous Blizz.


Every day I log out at the rostrum so I can be disappointed as soon as I log in the next day, lol


I thought I was the only one >_< This is legitimately one of the customizations I’ve wanted the most - I knocked out the achievement THE DAY that it was announced as a reward, from close to zero races done.

All for nothing. Feels really bad man.