Not receiving gold for sold auctions

Hello Orlyia, I appreciate the reply but that doesn’t actually answer the question of why on earth there is a crazy charge to cancel an auction that isn’t being bid on? :confused: It must not be really going to charge me right, but why is this happening?

With as many kinks to work out with the new interface as there are, it isn’t really surprising that there are some elements that aren’t working as they should be.

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Orlyria, do you know if the data is safe and retrievable? I’m kind of shocked at your post since usually PR very quickly let’s customers know the data is safe (or warns it is not and takes drastic actions to limit the data loss).

It may be wise to check with someone familiar with handling PR for data integrity issues if you’re not used to the differences in customer expectations on such issues.

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Same thing happened to me yesterday evening. I post a large volume of items so giving the exact item and gold amount is difficult. However, it’s noticeable when you have >10 items sell and 5 minutes later they’ve disappeared and items/gold are not in the mailbox.

I anticipate having to eat the loss. Figure it’s going to be a matter of skepticism if you can’t itemize the items and/or the gold.

Great improvement on the AH, Blizzard. Makes for a great gaming experience. Maybe I ought to erase my subscription as well.


Should Blizzard be monitoring this for looking into possible related bugs: My banker toon is Bankonator, Area 52. I don’t use any AH addons. Auctions gone missing go back to just prior to the restart on Thursday.

I lost about 50k also and they say they have “no record” of it. I have like 50 screenshots showing the items sold, but never getting to my mailbox. {Inappropriate language removed}

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the auction house was left with the gold of the sale today, I demand that I return the gold of the sales made right now

35-45k gone

Where did you get that response?

This does not make me feel confident I’ll be getting the gold I am owed.

Not cool. Maybe it is best I just take a break from the game. If they can’t restore our gold I’m done.

They put up a note on the launcher about this, so at least they are looking into it.

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ive literally put in so many tickets last night and this morning, then going back to my screen shots to show them but i have like 50 diff ones showing the time of expired gold that should of been in my mail. and you can only upload 4. i mean this is a known issue and its like their sweeping it under the rug not caring

I had this problem on Medivh with this toon. 3 Auctions sold last night and never got gold for it. No mail nothing. At the same time I sold a WoW Token and did get the gold for that.

Post 250 thin jelly last night (my server time). It’s not at the AH and there’s nothing on my mailbox today. I can’t post transmogs because I’m afraid they get lost too.
I have a daily gold goal to buy the 5M mount that will be removed from the game with no reason, and this is not helping.

Under the character: Karalli-nemesis


This is my posting toon (Pyresmith, Wyrmrest Accord).

I had some strange mails yesterday afternoon that I believe were sold auctions which didn’t contain any gold. Unfortunately I can’t be more specific (what items sold and for how much) than that at the moment. But I believe they were yesterday 1/16 before the server reset.

I’ll try to investigate further myself once I’m able to.

We here are just the messengers, Trenloe. I’m not a developer, nor am I in QA. All we can do is pass on information as soon as we get it - I cannot - and furthermore - will not - speculate or make promises someone else has to keep.

That is neither negative, nor positive - it is realistic. I fully understand folks are concerned, but there is absolutely no reason to jump to any conclusions either way.


yep thats when it all began to become a {If you have to put a simple in to replace a letter, it isn’t permitted - Inappropriate language removed} for many people selling auctions and the gold literally disapearing and not showing up in the mail. what a joke

I’m kind of surprised they haven’t temporarily shut down the AH so more people aren’t affected


close AH please, solve the problem and return the gold of each auction sold


You must be young, or coming over from the console world.

Unlikely. I imagine they’d have already done so, if it was. Chances are better that not doing so has a lesser impact.