Not receiving gold for sold auctions

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Auctioneer has been updated throughout BfA (thirteen updates during BfA alone; fourteen if you count what looks like the BfA pre-patch update in July of '18.) Their last update was in November of last year, and it was working perfectly fine until 8.3 dropped.

But don’t take my word for it; you can verify this by going to the following link, and looking at the dates on which updates were released:

Per the author / developer, they are hard at work on the 8.3 version. This can be verified by visiting the comments section on Auctioneer’s main page.

My banking toon is ‘Munnymage- Frostmourne’
Listed the auctions late at night 16th Jan or very early in the morning 17th of Jan (Australian-Sydney time).

Banking toon - Aabanker - Dalaran. I had over 500k worth of Auctions listed last night. Check this morning, I have a fraction of the initial listing in my mailbox.

Better yet, the Auction House shows that I don’t have any auctions up. This means, I’ve lost about 400k worth of sales last night.

I haven’t recieved any gold from the action house after 7pm last night. (Auctions show sold - timer ticks down - but I never get it in my mailbox.)

This is at least $40 US that just disappeared in the AH.


Goldtusk-Mal’Ganis is one of my banker characters.

She has not receieved a single mail with gold–for a commodity–since at least the morning of 01/16.

There are hundreds and hundreds of missing mails.

Well over 200-300k in gold is missing.

The only mails that are coming through are payments for noncommodities like crafted gear.

after meeting with my anonymous sources I managed to track down an insider at Blizz HQ he slipped me a USB drive with footage of the culprit


Ah, good to hear…

I used to use it until sometime in Legion when it stopped being updated in time once a patch happened and, i was left without an addon and auctions began to pile up at the mailbox… so, i had to go learn TSM. Quite the process that was.

Oshuni-aerie-peak is my AH toon, so should any investigations be made, please do peek at this toon and check if any gold’s gone missing with any of her auctions…

Same here not sure how much is missing but noticed it with potions I’ve been selling. I had over 500 listed yesterday came home no gild in mail box

Thursday Jan 16 late PM to early AM Friday Zeriya-Stormrage was missing mail with gold for 50 Draenic Invisibility Potion (probably 75g each) then a couple hours later payment for 10 or 20 were missing (don’t remember if I got paid for 10), remaining 30 Draenic Invisibility Potions cancelled and successfully retrieved. No other auctions on that character.

Same time frame Rufinus-Stormrage seemingly received all gold for 100+ sales of Deep Sea Bag at 200g each. Same account.

Hello everyone, can I just ask if this is an issue you have been experiencing since 8.3 began, or just since last night after the update+server restarts? Sorry if this has been asked before.


Last night during the massive server collapse.

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Chiming in here (as directed by BlizzardCS). Missing 3 sales from Medallion of the Legion worth just under 19k gold. Character is Auric-Dalaran-US. Sale was made late last night Eastern time, expected to arrive after midnight.

Didn’t arrive at all. No sign of it other than my inventory being 3 Medallions shorter.

Also happening to me. Almost all of my sold auctions disappear after the hour countdown that I’ve noticed since the patch dropped. Out who knows how much gold as I posted a Ton of inventory. Hope they push the gold through soon. Elsza-Feathermoon

Same thing happening to me. I have lost about 55k at this point (ore, herbs, cloth, flasks). Knew about it last night, but wanted to make sure that was what was happening, so when I logged in this morning and saw I had 200 Riverbud, 20 Storm Silver Ore and a transmog piece I watched it. Only received the gold for the transmog piece.

Also just lost 2 enchants and a glyph, maybe I should take down my auctions…

Under the character: Taylorsells - Area 52

I likely won’t have any answers for awhile.

Many are asking if they should pull down their auctions for the time being. I’m not going to recommend that, but it shouldn’t hurt if you wish to, many have reported doing just that without incident.

As we get any new info on this, I’ll try to keep you updated here, but again, it is likely to be a bit before we’ll have any information to share.

Thank you very much for your patience.



I just remember Zin’anthid, Rubbery Flank and Spirit of Harmony
But I know I sold more stuff.

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Thanks for the response.

So I’ve been cancelling my auctions out of paranoia, and noticed when I went to cancel Faded Photograph it stated it was going to charge me 150,000g to cancel as far as I could tell. I clicked so quickly as I was cancelling everything I had up that I didn’t pause, and just clicked okay. It didn’t seem to take any gold, so I thought I must be going crazy and didn’t think anything of it. But now I’m finishing cancelling all my auctions, with two blues left, and it’s telling me if I cancel them I’ll be charged 4999g (Beguiler’s robes) and 2250g (Darkmoon Hammer) on top of my listing fee. No one has bid on these items. I have a SS but am not allowed to link it here.

What on earth is this? Is this normal and new to the AH, is it a bluff, and why is it happening? I don’t think I was charged before but I’m too paranoid to cancel these two auctions. No idea if this is a buggy thing in relation to last nights update.

I’d leave them be, Neit. It should be fine.

Over/under on gold being lost?

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I’m assuming they probably don’t have any way to correctly account for what gold is lost. Maybe I’m pessimistic but I’m guessing all the gold will be lost, unless they have some sort of built in fail safe for this.

Issue is too, they’ll probably focus on stopping this from happening, before retroactively giving people the gold they missed.